The middle book syndrome...

Insurgent - Veronica Roth

Let me start of by saying how much I wanted to like this book. I was looking forward to reading it. Even the cover was nice and intriguing. But unfortunately, like so many other trilogies, this one was an empty, time-wasting middle book.

Usually, I would start by explaining the plot of this book. This time though, the words just don't come. The storyline continues from the first book called Divergent and is set after the destruction of Abnegation, on the verge of the all-out war and after Will's death by the hands of our protagonist, Tris Prior.


Unlike the Divergent which was surprisingly well thought out, it had plenty of good action scenes, everything Tris was going through could be felt and explained by the reader, the worldbuilding wasn't perfect but the storyline covered for that - the Insurgent is just empty. It has a few mildly good action scenes but that's about it. The most of the book consists of Tris's whining and her sudden desire for unnecessary self-sacrifice just because she shot Will and she knows it was either her or him and she had no other choice but she still feels like it's all her responsibility.


Oh, yes, and the relationship between Tris and Tobias (known as Four) which was more like Tobias chasing Tris all the time, getting slapped by some idiocy she did, him trying to save her life again and again and again because she wants to die for what happened with Will and her parents. Most of their conversation consists of her constant whining and his constant complaining how she doesn't trust him. It got annoying quite fast.


The writing.


I didn't like the writing, to be honest. It really showed how lacking it is now that we have no real storyline and are fed up with the main heroine.


The author constantly uses - he said, she said, they said - style. Which is okay if you are repeating what someone said now and then or trying to explain something. But constantly leaning on that is just annoying. The book is narrated by our protagonist not by some third rate narrator who explains the story for us.


The conveying of feelings is also quite lacking. The author chose to say how some person feels without showing it to us. She wants us to believe her only based on her word. I find that insulting to the readers. For example, when Tris is angry the author says "I'm not angry but I would..." or something like that. How about you show it to us now and then. Throw something, yell, punch the wall... Just express it.


The characters.


Tris Prior.


Oh dear god, what happened to our brave protagonist? In Divergent, Tris showed real effort, rebelled against her family and chose Dauntless, for her stature she did amazing things during training and above everything she was growing, her character had flaws but was developing. She was insightful and intelligent.


Now? She is nothing but an empty shell, no personality, consists of CONSTANT WHINING, I-would-like-to-punch-you-in-the-face character which grows more annoying with every turn of the page. What happened to you?


Oh, yes, I shot Will story. I understand she has Will on her conscious but come on girl. You had no choice and now you want to die a meaningless death just to - what? - bring him back? - you know that it doesn't work like that, don't you?.

You could have let him shoot you that day and none of this would be an issue anymore. I mean, enough is enough. Every single chapter she repeats the same shit and then tells us how she must provide a self-sacrifice to make things right, how she can't live with herself and some similar shit. Oh, let us not forget how she constantly repeats that she wants to join her dead parents because she can't imagine a life without them even though when she chose Dauntless she knew she might never see them again *double facepalm*.



“I’m not important. Everyone will do just fine without me,” I say. (I say the same thing, let her die Tobias, really, you can take her protagonist place)


Also, I fail to see why everyone turns to Tris whenever some issue arises. There are plenty of other Divergents out there, there are plenty of smarter and stronger people (khm, Tobias), there are plenty of others who would do backstabbing dirty work (*cough* Peter) and there are plenty of older people with much more experience and age wisdom (Marcus).


Tobias "Four" Eaton.


I like Tobias. He comes with the emotional baggage from his childhood and he handles it like a human, unlike his beloved Tris. Tobias is strong, self-sufficient, brave, head-in-the-game leader type.


He acts his role splendidly in all aspects except one. Tris.


Why are you with that girl, Tobias? I don't understand. I really don't. She is an annoying, selfish, delusional brat who keeps pushing you away and lie to you. Why are you so persistent on being with her? She does nothing for you. She expects you to do everything. And when you say something to her a little bit later than she felt you should have said it to her, she gets angry (well not that we see that, but the author said so, Tris is not really angry but...) and accuse you of keeping secrets and lie? Wtf? Let us not forget that she uses every opportunity to have someone kill her even though you said you can't live without her. And she betrays you with the first opportunity.


The Divergent - thing.


What...? How...? Where...?


Let me rephrase that. Why are the Divergent people so special? Because they chose more than one faction and they are immune to serums and are aware during simulations. Very lacking, but let's go with it.


Why are they immune and aware? Why? And why would that be a such a special thing?


By the way this is described in this book, one would expect they have magic powers, telepathic abilities, they can travel through time or something. But nope, just immune to some drug. Damn...


The good things.


Peter was the best and most consistent character of the book. There were some good action scenes. Tobias was very lovable and real. That's about it.


The last installment.


Yes, I will read it. I honestly want to know how it ends. Despite disliking this book, I loved the first one and I hope the last one will be awesome.