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Bite Club - Rachel Caine


"Welcome," Vassily said, and smiled. He showed teeth. "To Immortal Battles. We don't fight to the death -- we fight beyond death, in the world's most dangerous sport."




There is a new gym in town. A gym that teaches self defense and martial arts by a vampire called Vassily. Shane is thrilled by this while the rest of the housemates, Claire, Eve and Michael, are worried. They know this will bring more trouble to this already troubled town. Shane ignores these warnings because he always had that pull and that feeling of lesser worth.


Shane has seriously dedicated himself to the training and Vassily recognized potential in him. He had Gloriana drop into Shane's room and talk him into joining more private club only for the best of fighters. He wants humans to fight vampires in a ring with no rules, one wins when the other can no longer move. And he prepares humans for these fights by giving them special protein juices (consisting of vampire blood).


Claire is worried because Shane is changing. He is always angry, picking fights with Michael, yelling at Eve... He doesn't come home much and he is always bruised. And she heard a female voice coming from his room...


While they are having inner fights and differences, there is another danger set loose in Morganville. By the name of Bishop. And he has some ties with that ominous gym.

How is this all connected and who will arise victorious at the end of the game... Read and enjoy ;)




Suspense, mystery, thrill... awesome combination.


There is something new in the author's style of writing. She is trying to tell the story from different points of view. In this book we Claire and Shane's POV whereas in the next one there will be even more. I think this isn't a bad thing because I would like to see things from Myrnin's or Amelie's perspective but in this book in particular, it was dull and annoying. The reason is Shane. He was such a douche in this book that I wanted to kill him myself so when his chapters came on, I prayed they wouldn't last long. Example:


From Shane's point of view:
„Now every time I saw a vamp it made me want to rip into it.
Including Michael.
That made me feel weird inside, but not weird enough to want to change it. This was where I belonged. This was what I was meant to do. Born and bred to it, honestly. My dad had taught me well.“


So... Myrnin *.*


I fell in love with him. I don't care what anyone says. He is a god among men. And I wouldn't mind being his lab assistant, even if it would be temporarily. There. I said it. I wouldn't mind one bit.


He is a crazy ass genius scientist who reacts totally unexpected in different situations. And I love that. The unpredictability. The uniqueness. Fresh breath of air.


Despite everything bad going for him and said about him, he loves Claire. I know he does. He proves it time and time again. Ultimately, he saves her life, repeatedly. Perhaps not in a way we would all expect but he does. And he cares if she gets hurt. Or kidnapped. Or threatened.


“Follow me,” Myrnin said. “And do stay together. And by the way, this is the last time I go anywhere with you people. You are all insane.”



But Claire doesn't respect him as much as she should despite her always saying how much she trusts him. It isn't enough to just say it. You need to believe it and act upon it.


“What's possible?” - she asked
“Anything,” he said absently. “But that’s not what I was talking about. Oh, hello, Claire. You’re in good time. I need an extra pair of hands.”
“As long as I keep them attached,” she said, which earned her a startled stare.
“The things you say to me, you’d think I was some sort of monster.”


“All right," he said. "Since you ask so nicely."
"I wasn't asking."
"I'm aware of that. The sharp point in my back did make it clear.”



And when you get to know Myrnin you see how sweet and enjoyable he can be. He really can.


“You'd be surprised what people will do for money that they wouldn't do for love."


“And before you ask, no, you're not driving, Myrnin. I remember the last time."
"That accident was not my fault."
"You were the only one on the road, and the mailbox actually didn't leap out in front of you. No arguments. You sit in the back, too.
You've turned into quite a bossy little thing," Myrnin said. "I think I might like it.


“Do be careful. I can't replace you as easily as all that.”



Predator Myrnin makes my blood flow faster... he really does... delightful...


“He kicked in the door with one casual blow, leaned in, and said, "Please don't run. I'm not in a good mood. Better if you just sit still."
He cocked his head and listened, then smiled. "Ah," he said. "And there he goes. You two wait here.”


Khm... Khm... *clearing my throat*... right, let's turn to the other characters and finish this ode to Myrnin.


1. Shane


Oh man, I didn't exactly like you before. Now, I really dislike you. Like you are next to Monica on that scale. I know he was influenced by Gloriana and that vamp blood juice but if he didn't have all that cooped up in him already, none of this shit would have happened. Which means he wouldn't deliberately hurt Claire and even considered hitting her, he wouldn't humiliate Eve and he most certainly wouldn't try to kill Michael.


What kind of an asshole do you have to be to this to your friends who gave you a roof over your head, took you in with all your baggage and saved your life numerous times? Shane asshole, indeed.


Eve put it together nicely:


“And how are we supposed to do that, exactly? Shane's all grrr now.”


2. Claire


The heroine returns and saves the day. Well, mostly. The other part couldn't be done without Myrnin. Not that she ever thanked him properly. She did grow up and matured. But she also became more egoistical and self absorbed. And she still tries to help everyone. I hope it backfires on her one day, with interest.


I never really liked her. Just because of her nature. She gets straight A's without even trying. She is always the heroine who saves the day. She is always the most important girl in Morganville. And why? Because she dares to speak to Myrnin and Amelie? Well hell, sign me up anytime then.


“You think that because I want to do what’s right, because I want to make things better, I’m weak,” Claire said. “Or that I’m stupid. But I’m not. It takes a lot more strength to know how bad the world is and not want to be part of that, give in to it. And I do know, Kim. Believe me.”



3. Eve


She is better in this book, not so much a drama queen anymore. She actually toughened up. And oh, yeah, let's not forget she lets Michael bite her now. Adorable. She outshone Claire in this book.


“Booyah, I will summon the ninja. Oh, and take a lunch break while we burgle."
"You're going, too?"
"Am I not ninja enough? Are you saying that I lack ninja?"
"No, I was just thinking you're a little, uh, recognizable, maybe?"
Eve batted her thick eyelashes. "Why, thank you, sweetie. That's the nicest insult I've had today, not counting the jock who said he'd date me but he had a restraining order out for necrophelia.”


“Afternoons are hard. Mornings are pure evil from the pits of hell, which is why I don't do them anymore.”


“Eve cupped her ear at Claire. "I'm sorry, was that an apology? Because it didn't sound like one."
"Don't push it."
"I'm not, but you're acting like a drama princess."
"Drama queen."
"Hello, no. You need a lot more practice at door slamming, flouncing, and pouting before you can even pretend to deserve my throne, bitch. But you're coming along." Eve paused and fixed her with a long, serious look. "That wasn't a compliment, by the way. In case you were wondering.”




Book that made me angry and curious, annoyed and thrilled. So, I would have to say that it isn't the best in the Series but it's amazing in some aspects.


I loved how it dealt with the mystery and action more than inner squabbles.


Myrnin is my love still. He is pure awesome.


I'm looking forward for multiple POV's in the next installment.