Only R.Caine and her "Drama Queen's Last Dance"

Eternal: More Love Stories with Bite - P.C. Cast, Nancy Holder, Jeri Smith-Ready, Heather Brewer, Claudia Gray, Lili St. Crow, Rachel Caine


"My name is Eve, and I am a drama queen.
I don't mean like any old garden-variety teen throwing a tantrum, oh no. I am a Drama Queen, with big initial capital letters and curlicues on top. I work hard at it, and I resent anybody lumping me in with a bunch of wannabe poseurs who haven't even qualified in Beginning Pouting, much less Champion Fit Throwing."





The story is told from Eve's perspective and it depicts an interesting episode form her life.


There is a new vampire in town and she is called Gloriana. She is beautiful, attractive and everyone seem to notice it. And I mean everyone. Including Michael.


Eve noticed how Michael acts strangely when he is around her and that there is just something about this vamp that doesn't sit well with her. It was an instant dislike on both sides, Eve's and Gloriana's.


Even though Michael assured Eve that he only loves her and would never do anything like that (as in sex with Gloriana) to harm her on the day of the welcoming ceremony for Gloriana, he fails to live up (pun not intended) to that promise.


Gloriana just wooshed him to the dance floor and left the party with him. Can Eve take her man back or will it end right then and there?





"The saga started out a normal day—don't they all? I mean, surely one morning back there in prehistoric times a dinosaur woke up, yawned, chewed some coffee beans, and thought his day was going to be dead boring, just before a comet slammed into his neighborhood."



I fail to see why people dislike this short story. Eve wasn't a drama queen after all despite the title of the story. Whereas she is in almost all the other books and people love her there (I did from the beginning but then her crying and whining cooled me off).


Eve loves Michael, there is no doubt about it. And he loves her just as much. And they seem to have a good relationship despite him being undead and her crying every few minutes.



"Hi, handsome," I purred. "See something you like?"
"Always," he said, and gave me just a flicker of that devastating Michael Glass grin. "And the coffee looks good, too."
"You are suave. I've always said so."
"And you're strange. But I love strange.


When Eve noticed Michael's behavior towards Gloriana who looks like a sex kitten from hell (read the story) of course she felt jealous and inadequate. I bet it is really difficult for Eve to measure up all those flawless vamps who had centuries of practice on making themselves look beautiful.



He also spotted Gloriana, who was leaning her chin on her tiny little hand, looking at Oliver with luminous, big eyes.
"Wow," he said. This was not the thing you want to hear out of a boyfriend, believe me.


And Eve is right. Of course you are going to smirk on a comment like that. Who wouldn't. Most of the women are insecure deep down and when someone makes a comment like that on a woman in front of you, you die a little inside. It's kind of involuntary.


But Eve was right. Gloriana was nothing as she seemed and she did try to do something vile. Which included poor Michael. So Eve's instinct was spot on.


As much as it was frustrating for Eve, I think it was worse for Michael. He couldn't help it. And he's got Eve mad. And his friends looking at him strangely. So he has to his best to show Eve what a good boyfriend he is. And trust me... he definitely is. A model one. Deserving of a trophy.



"Promise me you'll marry me," he said. "Promise me that you're not going to leave me. I need you, Eve, I've always needed you and I always will. Please. Promise me."



"You looked like the sexiest woman in the world."
"Well, in fairness, I am the sexiest woman in the world."
"And you're always right."
"You are so brilliant to recognize that."