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All Hallows - Rachel Caine

"Dating the undead is a bad idea. Everybody in Morganville knows that—everybody breathing, that is.
Everybody but me, apparently. Eve Rosser, dater of the undead, dumb-ass breaker of rules."


A #6.5 installment in the Morganville Vampires Series.

A short story called "All Hallows" takes place on Halloween. Eve, Michael, Shane and Claire are getting ready for a costume party in a downtown warehouse. Eve is the narrator of the story and it is wonderful to see things from her perspective.

Just as they were finished dressing up, Michael had to leave to the blood bank fast (encouraged by his girlfriend and her tight catwoman costume). That left Eve alone with her friends. Shane was the first one to turn things into his favor. He took off his costume and put on a Hugh Heffner one with two beautiful ladies escorting him to the party.

Catwoman Eve turned heads around. She was everything but subtle. Whereas Claire was dressed in a long pink dress accompanied with pink wings and glitter on her face representing a fairy. Party was in full motion and still no sign of Michael. Which got Eve worried so she went to find him.

Apparently, he never made it to the blood bank because he has gotten himself in some kind of a situation with a few jocks down at Morganville High. Eve, Claire and Shane made a hasty exit and left to help Michael.


A beautiful story that shows us the real emotions of main characters. Shane and Claire are not in main focus here but from everything they do you can see their affection and closeness. 

"You look fabulous," he told her, and kissed her. "Oh, crap, now I've got glitter, right? Leatherface does not do glitter. It's not manly." Claire and I both rolled our eyes, right on cue. "Right. Small price to pay for the privilege of kissing such a beautiful girl, what was I thinking? Sorry."


While, Michael and Eve are on fire. I mean, they are the sexiest couple in Morganville. Eve is a real woman trying to impress her man and she isn't being shy about it. Michael, the angelic looking tough guy musician is overwhelmed by Eve's sex appeal, so much in fact that he needs to make a stop at the blood bank because of his condition.

They are adorable. And hot. And I never tire of reading about them.

"He put his arms around me and kissed me. That was a whole different kind of hunger, one I understood way better. Michael backed me up against the car and kissed me like it was the last night on earth, like the sun and stars would burn down before he'd let me go."


And I melt into a puddle... I know, they got to me...

All in all, it is a valuable read because it holds clues and speculations on what will happen next and let's never forget how well does it do with humor.

"It's a guy thing. We have reactions to women in tight leather with whips. It's sort of involuntary."

The back door popped open, and Claire, fairy wings all a-flutter, pulled Miranda inside. It was like a military operation, only with one hundred percent less camouflage.