Action, plots and sparks !

Carpe Corpus - Rachel Caine


“Parting is such sweet sorrow, according to the bards. I wouldn’t know, myself. I never parted anyone.” He mimed ripping someone in half, then got an odd expression on his face. “Well. Just the one time, really. Doesn’t count.” - Myrnin


Down to the sixth installment in the Series and I'm not disappointed. Our dear author sure knows how to surprise me every now and then. Her twists are the best. You never see them coming and afterwards they hurt like hell (at least most of the time).




War is heating up. Everyone is making their last bet. The strategy is all clouded and mysterious. Claire is in the middle of it all. She is Bishop's evil minion (compelled) and Amelie's pawn. She doesn't seem to know anyone's move but she jumps in the action as soon as she's got the chance.


Morganville is still standing but barely. It's been weeks since Bishop took over and he isn't playing nice. Anti-vampire movement is spreading. People are starting to stand up for themselves.


Shane is locked in a cell with his father Frank Collins. Michael was bitten by Bishop so now he has to do his bidding. Eve is the only one of them who remained in the Glass House and isn't forced to do something. She feels like everyone's betrayed her and her heart is breaking over not seeing Michael.


Myrnin and Claire have gotten pretty far with the cure and the crystals with Dr. Mills' help. Richard Morrell is the new mayor just as Hannah is the new chief of police.




First of all, storyline is finally filled with action and movement. Everyone is doing something, plotting something, have to go somewhere. And it's the complete opposite from its prequel which was static.


All the major characters appear and have their role. Some you'll like some hate from the bottom of your soul.


Secondly, Myrnin is the absolute winner amongst characters in this book. He has shown his true face, his unique genius and total sexiness. With a slight demented undertone, of course.


“I’ll defend the girl with my last breath,” he promised, and clasped his hand dramatically to the chest of his ragged frock coat. “Oh, wait. That doesn’t mean much, does it, since I gasped that last breath before the Magna Carta was dry on the page? I mean, of course I’ll look after her, with whatever is left of my life.”


“Ada is a living mind inside an artificial form. A brilliant woman—a former assistant of mine, actually. This preserved the best parts of her. I have never regretted taking the steps to integrate technology and humanity.”


Thirdly, Claire turned SEVENTEEN (oh thank you sweet baby jesus). No more I'm not a child speech. I can stop with the anxiety attacks now.


Fourthly, HALLELUJAH Shane and Claire crossed that line!!! Now, I can rest in peace. I already thought it a lost cause. They did it and they were responsible about it. And it was nice. Although, I did miss more action afterwards. It was just that one time and it happened so fast...


She kissed him, and tasted the sadness in him. His sigh seemed to come all the way from his toes. “God, I needed you,” he murmured. “I can’t even tell you how many times I thought about this. The funny thing is, I don’t need you any less now. I think I need you more.”That, Claire thought, was a pretty good definition of love: needing someone even after you got what you thought you wanted.


“You’re their little girl,” Shane said. “You know, when I think about it, I’d feel the same way about my own daughter.”

“You would?” There was something deliciously warm about the fact that he wasn’t afraid to say that to her. “So,” she said, with an effort at being casual that was probably all too obvious. “You want to have a daughter, then?”

He kissed the top of her head. “Hit the brakes, girl.”


Fifthly, the humor is just as good as you remember. The author has a knack for making me smile silly. It usually involves Eve or Shane but the other characters also have a nice humorous note.


“Shane?”He’d been uncharacteristically quiet. Now, he just nodded.

“Watch yourself,” he said, and brushed the back of his hand gently across her cheek. “You scare me.”

She burst out laughing, shakily. “You’re insane.”


“You should finish your dinner first,” Eve said. “One bite does not equal a balanced meal.”

“Neither does a whole chili dog,” Claire said.

“Do not diss the dog,” Shane said. “It’s right up there with mom and apple pie when it comes to cultural icons.”

“You forgot Chevrolets,” Eve said.

“Never been a Chevy man, myself.”

“Heretic.” Eve broke off to give Claire a fierce look.


Lastly, I am still disappointed in Amelie. She really didn't do anything significant. Neither in fighting or sacrificing. I have lost all faith in her as a powerful strong character. It makes me sad but it isn't such a big deal when you have such an awesome story and the rest of the cast to make you feel better.