Interesting episode from Eve's past...

First Day of the Rest of Your Life - Rachel Caine


"Eighteenth birthdays in Morganville are usually celebrated one of two ways: getting totally wasted with your friends or making a terrifying life-or-death decision about your continued survival."


Eve is turning eighteen. She will have to choose whether she will accept Protection from Brandon, long time family protector or will she go without and risk her life in the process.



She is celebrating her birthday with her good friend Jane, Jane's sister Miranda and the only known gay couple Trent and Guy. They are drinking beers, having fun and contemplating their future. Eve knows that those might be her last hours of freedom so she is trying to be cheerful. But the mood suddenly dropped when Miranda started having a seizure which was similar to a trans. Apparently, she had visions.


And her vision now only sent shivers down Eve's spine. Despite the serious mood, Jayne assured Eve that Miranda is just looking for attention and none of it is real. It was late and they were all going home, some drunk, some high. Eve didn't think much of it when Miranda insisted that she sits next to her in a van and said goodbye to her sister. What happened next will be a trauma that Eve will never forget.


Adding to that horrible event more salt to the wound when she got home and refused Brandon and was consequently kicked out of the house. Talking about a worse day ever. Not to mention that it is night time, Eve has no protection and nowhere to go...





It was good to learn more about Eve and how she became the person she is today. We knew bits and pieces that were scattered throughout the first and the second book but noting really detailed.


Learning of Eve's refusal of Protection, her life before living in the Glass house and her worst traumas that made her into who she is today is well worth of read.


She seemed to be much more relaxed than she is today. Though, her sense of humor and of right/wrong is absolutely the same.


"Guy and Trent were the only gay couple I actually knew, gaydom being sort of frowned upon in the Heartland of Texas that was Morganville.
We were all about the ironic family values."



Concerning Michael Glass... let's just say they go way back.


"He smiled. He had one of those smiles. You know the ones—the kind that unleashes lethal force on girls in the vicinity. I couldn't remember him smiling in high school. He was probably aware that it might cause girls to faint or unbutton clothes or something."



"I must have dozed off a little, because when I woke up, he was kneeling next to my chair, and he had a chocolate brownie on a plate. With a semimelted pink candle sputtering away on top.
―It‘s a leftover, he warned me. ―It was crap in the first place, so I don‘t know how good it is. But happy birthday, anyway. I promise you, things will get better.
I had news for him. They just had."