Good even with the werewolf as a hero

Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night - Kresley Cole


The material from the beginning of this book is taken from the previous one.

So, Lykae Bowen MacRieve entered the Hie to win the key just as the previous hero (Sebastian Wroth) and heroine (Kaderin the Cold Hearted). Bowen has spent centuries trying to find a way to bring back his lost mate. Now, when the opportunity presented itself he tried as best as he could and if not for the little wicked witch he might have succeeded. But he didn't. He felt as though he lost his mate all over again.

The young witch Marika the Awaited is still mortal but she entered the Hie regardless. Since everyone expects great things from her and she always failed everyone, this was her opportunity to redeem herself. She was doing a good job until she crossed paths with the Lykae. She felt instant attraction towards him. And she thought he did too towards her but then he changed and did something unforgivable.

Bowen entombed Marika along with two demons and two Archers so he would delay them in a competition. Just before he shut them in, Marika cursed him. He would not heal from his injuries for as long as he doesn't come back to her. Bowen didn't think that these great warriors would have a tough time opening the tomb and he didn't know what was inside it, he thought it was empty. Unfortunately, no one could have opened the tomb for three weeks and the tomb was everything but empty.

When Bowen lost the competition and was informed that those five didn't return he immediately went back for them. But three weeks has passed. And the wicked witch made him feel things that he didn't feel in centuries. What would he find in there and what will happen to a gravely injured werewolf who made enemies out of five fierce warriors?


The werewolf.
Let me explain why I picked this book so soon after the last one. I was misled. I admit I judged this one by the cover. I swear on everything I own that I believed this book would be about a male vampire. It looks like that, doesn't it?
So, I ended up being seriously disappointed. Werewolves not so much my thing. But Bowen was... interesting. I say I respect that man from the bottom of my heart. He was faithful to his dead mate for centuries. I mean, really? Even though he didn't really love her all that much or even spent much time with her. His loyalty was something that is sorely missed today. Some may argue that he also kind of acts like a neanderthal (being a werewolf and all) but that is not so bad really. He provides, protects and loves his woman above everything and everyone else. And since he loves her so much, he is letting her do whatever she wishes as long as it isn't harmful to her.

The wicked witch.
Again with the small stature. She is petite. Like every other heroine so far in this Series. And she is a witch of an unimaginable power that is destined to do great things.
When she isn't on her mardi gras or in the bed of her demon boyfriend. But let's be fair, that was a few years back. Now, all she wants is to prove herself even though she is still mortal and young (23 years old). She keeps complaining. How she can't do this or that but never once did she practice anything. And she takes the Hie fairly lightly even though she wants to prove herself. I would have never imagined her to be the perfect mate for a centuries old werewolf who lived through the greatest sorrow and pain. She just doesn't fit very well. I often imagined how he must feel like he has a child in bed rather than a real woman.

I'm not quite sure what the little witch did before they entered that tomb that everyone respected her so much and everyone tried to protect her. I mean, two Archers who apparently liked her because she was part fey were acting like she was their best friend. And not to mention, the two demons, one a former king (and someone still believe him to be a rightful one) and the other his first in line to the crown. They were acting as though she was a close friend and a queen herself. It just seemed strange that in a world where everyone was weary of the other species, they all liked her so much that they risked their lives for her.

The storyline.
Absolutely interesting. The author added a little more to her recipe this time around. A mystery, a vengeful former goddess, a longer game of seduction and an interesting twist in the end.
But what remained the same was a rushed ending. Again, everything unfolded in a mere few pages.
For example.

When Marika defeated the sorceress and took her power she was trapped in a mirror. She enchanted herself. She couldn't take her eyes from herself and everyone who stood between the mirror and her was obliterated. And this went on for days. And then the Lykae comes to her and in one paragraph she blinks and she falls to his arms. Sorry, but you just can't do this.

(show spoiler)

Tangling and unveiling this kind of things in just a few paragraphs. It demands more agony so our hearts will shatter and then flutter from utter joy when it reveals a happy ending.

All in all, this Series has proven its charm once again. But still some important ingredients are missing. I hope this will also improve through time and experience.