Fecking daisies along with petunias...

Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning

I believe the author should be congratulated for making characters as utterly annoying as the overly sexual thirteen-year-old Dani or as utterly stupid / stubborn as the main character Mac. Yes, this is called irony that is noticeable in my sentence.



First of all, storyline. This book was a bit better than the last. The rape is behind us, sex with Barrons is quite present, confusing V'lane is still mystically complex (as is Barrons, even more than before actually). First half of the book I want to kill Mac and her idiocy, the second half I just want a better main character.



So... Mac. She was raped by three (or *four men) in the previous book and was turned Pri-ya. She was mindless, lost, she wasn't Mac anymore. No one has ever heard anyone coming back after such an ordeal. Yet she does. Not because she is just so fucking special... no. It's because of Barrons. And yet, everyone seem to hate him. Why? Because she was lustful mindless creature who wanted only sex and he gave it to her only to bring her back slowly. He sated her lust and then he started to teach her who she was, what happened and who is waiting for her to come back to her old self. He does everything he thinks of. He brings her favorite clothes, hangs pictures of her sister on the wall, makes her talk to him otherwise he won't please her in bed etc. He makes himself do things he refrained from doing since she came into his life. And for everyone blaming the guy for not being there when she needed him - newsflash people - he wanted her to come along, she refused, he was lost in Silvers and the minute he came back he went to find her so buzz off idiots. He also sacrifices a piece of himself knowing if she ever does come back, she will hate him.


“I was out of my mind. I’d never have done it otherwise.”
Really, his dark eyes mocked, and in them I was demanding more, telling him I wanted it to always be this way.
I remembered what he’d replied: that one day I would wonder if it was possible to hate him more.
“I had no awareness. No choice.” I searched for words to drive my point home. “It was every bit as much rape as what the Unseelie Princes did to me.”


And there it is. The winner as the douchebag of the year. And it goes to Mac. She accused Barrons (after she recovered ofc) how he raped her just as much as the Unseelie Princes did. REALLY? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? If not for him you would never ever see the light of day again. Ever, bitch. How could you possibly be more selfishly idiotic and egoistic and spoiled little pink brat than what you are now? I hope I won't discover the positive answer to this question in the last book -.-. Can you believe it? Everything he did for her and everything she means to him and she spits that out like a venom. I would strangle her to death and then put acid on the remains and bury it so it will forever remain lost. He saved your ass. Your life. And mind I remind you that if V'lane got to you first, you would forever remain his little bitch on a chain of lust? Yeah, why don't we just skip that part.

And then we get to this part:


"Like I said: It was one of those perfect moments. We fought for hours, racking up the kills. With each Unseelie we ―exterminated, I felt stronger, more charged, more determined to track and destroy the last one, even if it took until my dying breath."


Dani and Mac are on the streets, fighting and killing. They possess the only weapons remaining that can actually kill the bastards. And that would be all nice and charming if I could find one passage or one chapter where she learns how to actually fight or even trains her muscles for such an exercise. None. As she learned what she is - she magically knows how to fight, kill and not get tired. Despite the fact that she was this her whole life and she never knew how to do any of it. Fuck everyone who trains and sweats and pours their life strength to master some moves. Because she just can.
And another thing, Dani is her sister now. She just is. How it happened? Well, few short encounters, Dani carrying her away from the princes and boom. It happened. They share an unbreakable bond.

Mind if I remind you that Dani is thirteen? She knows everything about sex, wants Mac to tell her the experience with Barrons in detail, she wants to lose her virginity to V'lane and she kicks ass and kills for fun. Oh yeah, she also has a supernatural ability of speed. And last but not FECKING least, her character and behavior are beyond FECKING annoying. Because why the FECKING not? Why shouldn't Mac had a sidekick who is barely a teenager with a desire to fuck and kill and is over the top annoying in the process? Why FECKING not.


Barrons. He is the unluckiest guy alive if you ask me. Being stuck with that pink nightmare that oh so casually accused him of rape is beyond the ninth circle of hell. 

I guess, the poor guy will only get from bad to worse as we creep towards the ending of the book. Being called rapist wasn't enough apparently. Being killed by that pink bitch while protecting her is the ultimate punishment. But in his defense, she was just too stupid and clueless to figure out that her protector was him even though we all knew that from the start. I mean, the warning she had, his appearing after calling the third option, his protection, his behavior in wrapping her sweater on his leg and killing everything that came near her etc. was just too difficult to see through.

(show spoiler)


Next in the not so inventive material:


"Since time immemorial, they have hunted and killed sidhe-seers. Enforcers of Fae law and punishment, mercenary to the core, they work for whoever pays them with whatever it is they want most at the moment. They flip sides constantly. They have telepathic abilities and can get inside your skull and twist you up on yourself. To make matters worse, they chill you to the bone and look like the devil himself, come for your soul.


Two enormous Hunters were circling in the sky, a few blocks from the river Liffey. Twice the size of any I‘d seen in the past, they were blacker than night, with great leathery wings, forked tails, talons as long as my spear, and eyes that blazed like furnaces from hell. They were clawing air, talons forward, screaming at something in the streets the way I imagined dragons must scream, churning black ice crystals into the air with every flap of those deadly black sails."



DEMENTORS, HELLO ??? !!! When did you hop from Azkaban to Dublin?


Stupid Mac with her stupid protege 6.0:


"A smile tugged at my lips.
Jayne was deliberately provoking the Hunters.
Pissing them off because they‘d pissed him off.
My smile grew. When I‘d reluctantly fed this man Unseelie, I‘d never have foreseen this moment. How perfect. How right. We needed him, here in the streets, seeing that those who survived continued to do so. This man would never stop serving his city and his people, even though his pay had been terminated months ago. He was police/protector to the core. Delighted by the serendipity of it all, I laughed."


Police protector to the core???? He was pissing off the dementors just because they piseed him off even though he knows he cannot win. Oh, yeah, bloody brilliant. Aggravate them so they'll go on a killing spree... protector my ass.


Mac being a selfish little prick in the petunia 7.0:


"I felt like crying and hated myself for it. Why couldn‘t he have said something nice? Something that wasn‘t about sex. Something about me. Why had he come in here all stalking and shoving in my face that we‘d been in each other‘s skin? Would it have killed him to show a little kindness, some compassion? Where was the man who‘d painted my nails? The one who had papered the room with pictures of Alina and me? The one who had danced with me?"


Now she admits how nice Barrons was and what he has done for her. But she is sappy because he's not. Well missy, don't call someone a rapist before you want to go all touchy feely with them, will you???


Finally, someone with some common sense:


"―You‘re better than that, Mac.
―Better than what? I said coolly.
―Lashing out because you hurt. He‘s not the one who hurt you. He‘s the one who brought you back.
―Do you know what his idea of bringing me back was?” I snapped. There was a smile in Ryodan‘s voice. ―I volunteered for the job. He didn‘t seem at all touched by my offer. The smiled faded. ―Don‘t lose yourself in anger, Mac. It‘s gasoline. You can burn it as fuel, or you can use it to torch everything you care about and end up standing on a scorched battlefield, with everybody dead, even you—only your body doesn‘t have the good grace to quit breathing."


Touche, my man.


Barrons, at his best:


"―Then you won‘t be stupid. You won‘t go dashing off into danger at precisely the most inopportune moment for some seemingly noble cause, only to get abducted by the villain, through no fault of your own, because you had to do the honorable thing; after all, aren‘t some things worth dying for? he said dryly."


"―Did he bother pointing out that everything the king had done, he‘d done for her? Did she think of that before she decided to kill herself? Did it ever occur to her that sometimes a willingness to turn dark for someone else might just be a fucking virtue?
―It doesn‘t sound like he went dark for her. It sounds like he was ticked off that she was going to die and willing to do anything to keep her.
―Perspective, Ms. Lane. Get some."


Yes, while you're at getting some perspective, find some reason along the way along with some common sense and tune down your ego so you won't kill the person trying to protect you. Over and out...