Hot... they did it... finally... !!!

Suki-tte Ii na yo, Volume 10 - Kanae Hazuki


Awwww... captivating...


"Mei: Suddenly Yamato's face is obscuring my view. He touched my lips and my mind went blank. When my vision returned I saw Yamato's manly face gently and strongly looking straight at me."

Christmas party. Every year Yamato is hosting a party for Christmas at his house. Last year Mei had a fever so she couldn't come. This year, Yamato is sure she is gonna have a time of her life. Of course Mei is nervous but she knows everyone who will be there so it isn't such a hassle. They all bought presents and dressed up. Nagi made a cake and decorations. Yamato brought a camera to capture all the happy moments. And all the pictures he took, he put into an album and gave it as a present to Mei.

Amidst the party, Daichi calls Yamato demanding to speak to Mei. Apparently today is Mei's birthday. Which no one knew. Including Yamato. Mei told no one because she thought she can never beat Christmas so what's the point. As Mei and Yamato leave to pick up the present from Daichi and Kyouko, everyone else leaves the party. Upon return, Mei and Yamato are surprised to see that the house is empty. Aiko made everyone leave so Mei and Yamato could have a proper intimate celebration.

Even though Mei was skeptical at first, she went along. She even made the first step towards Yamato. I never thought I'd live to see this day. It was beautiful and captivating. Sweet shy Mei gave her full trust to handsome experienced Yamato and she enjoyed every second of it. As did I. And the rest of the world :)

"Yamato: It's okay. If you're scared just shove me off.
Mei: Why... how... can you be so composed... Idiot!!
Yamato: I'm telling you because I can't control myself. Because I don't want to hurt you, Mei!"


The only anti-climatic thing was Mei's behavior after the deed. She was so shy and wrapped up in a blanket that kinda set the mood down. But nonetheless, they reached a new phase. It took them two years, but here they are. Yamato was patient and loving and he finally got to see Mei in a way no one else has ever seen her.

The next day Mei told Asami and Aiko what happened. They were astonished (as I was). And happy. Extremely happy for them. Aiko even confessed something to Mei when they were alone. She told her, while hugging her, how happy she is for her and how she always blamed herself for them not taking a new step. She thought that the fact Aiko and Yamato did it a while back will be an obstacle for Mei which she couldn't cross. 

"Aiko (to Mei): You gave it your all, didn't you?
Tachibana has been trying hard. You really are... changing."