Youthful cultural festival

Sukitte iinayo (Say I Love You) Vol.8 [In Japanese] - Kanae Hazuki

"Mei: In the span of one and a half years, I've had a lot of first experiences. I've broken down the walls that were around me, haven't I? This little speed bump on the road isn't good enough reason to waste all that I've worked for."


The festival is approaching and by the school tradition every year male and female students nominate their idols for the model competition. The model as in the ones who stood out and shone brighter than the rest and of course those who are the hottest. The problem is that you cannot refuse to participate if enough votes were collected from the student body. Mei is very much aware that Yamato will most certainly be nominated. The even bigger problem is the fact that female and male winner as a reward must go on a proper date. And since it's most likely that Yamato will win and that Megumi will take the first female position, Mei is uncertain what to do. She gathers up the courage to also participate and surprisingly she gets enough votes. 

"Daichi (to Mei): When it comes to clothes the winners are the ones who are daring. It's the same with hairstyles and make-up, if you put yourself out there then it becomes your own thing, it becomes part of your personality. The important thing is whether you yourself want to do it or not."

Yamato's older brother Daichi helps Mei out with clothes, hairstyle and make-up. She is determined to fight as much as she can. She also goes on a diet. On the day of the festival she is so nervous her knees are giving out but she looks really cute. Yamato hugs her and tries to make her relax.

"Yamato (to Mei): Everything will be alright because I'm right beside you. Don't forget this feeling."

Megumi is her usual evil manipulative self. She wants to win and that's it. She wants to go on a date with Yamato and she will not accept defeat because she is the best... blah... blah... And surprise surprise, even though Mei tried her best, Megumi took the first place while Mei was third. Aiko came second. Despite the defeat, Mei gained some popularity and a lot of girls started to approach her. The upcoming date is stressing her out though. She keeps thinking how Yamato will start liking Megumi now. Yamato shows Mei all the attention she deserves...

"Mei (about Yamato): If I don't take as much of it in as I can my very young brain won't feel at ease. The pain in my heart keeps growing. I want to touch more of him. I want to reach deep inside him."