Megumi is still a villain, no matter how you dress her up !

Suki-tte Ii na yo, Volume 7 - Kanae Hazuki


"Yamato: There's no way I can fall asleep. I'm alone with the girl I like after all."


Yamato and Mei are spending a night at Land, by themselves. Nagi-chan was taken home in the evening and now they are left all alone. Yamato is especially happy. And soooo hot.... Mei is nervous and jumpy and shy, as to be expected. She thinks he fell asleep so she gets a bit bolder and leans over him and whispers...

"There are many people that I want to meet and talk to and the fact that those people are also willing to meet me and smile at me makes me really happy. That's what I think about everyday. For letting me experience these feelings and meeting these wonderful people... Thank you, Yamato."

Of course Yamato isn't sleeping but when he makes a move on her, she is so startled that he backs away and goes to take a shower. When he comes back, Mei is soundly asleep. And there goes their night together... In the morning she is embarrassed about falling asleep and leaving Yamato like that. Yamato proves to be a gentleman once more and insures her he is okay with her like that, for now.


"Yamato: Let's take it slow...
Mei: O...Okay...
No matter what happens around us, if we like each other then time doesn't matter."


Upon return Asami and Aiko are disappointed that Yamato and Mei still haven't taken their relationship on to the next level. Mei brings them gifts from Land. She also gives Kai a gift. We see a little bit more of Daichi, Yamato's older brother who works at a hair salon. And then Megumi problems start again.

Everyone is gathered and ready to go to karaoke when Yamato receives a phone call from the magazine editorial that Megumi is nowhere to be found and that they are worried. Yamato is also worried and asks Mei if he can go see what's happening.

"Mei: If anything happened to someone you know, you would be upset. I wouldn't like that feeling either, so if you can listen to what she has to say.
Yamato: Mei -
        Sorry. Thank you.
Mei: It's okay..."


Yamato leaves and meets Momoko along the way to Megumi's place. They both try to lure Megumi out. Once they succeed they see Megumi is a mess and her room is full of junk food and sweets. They talk to her and encourage her to change herself to be a better and truer version of herself despite what other people might think.

"Yamato: But you have to know that giving up halfway doesn't only hurt yourself but also hurts everyone else around you."


Megumi finally starts to see that she has people around who will support her no matter how she behaves and what she says. As long she stays true to herself. She takes Momo-chan back as her best friend.

On the day of the festival, Mei, Asami, Aiko and their respected half's are gathered and they are enjoying themselves. The only problem is that Mei didn't have a yukata to put on and regrets it. Fortunately her mother acquired it for her and made her go out again in the evening calling Yamato out just to see her. As she was rushing to meet Yamato, Mei's hair and makeup got all tangled up. Thankfully to Daichi who she literally bumped into, she came to see Yamato in full glory and cuteness. 

"Yamato: Right now, you're all mine and that makes me so happy."

The ending of this volume started with Megumi again. Everyone in school started to hate her and they are saying mean things about her over the internet and they are pulling her desk out of their classroom every day. Asami keeps taking that desk in before Megumi arrives. Once Megumi learns of it, she starts to see how she doesn't really care anymore. After that she gets a new short haircut that she feels more comfortable in.

All in all, way too much of Megumi. I don't like her and everything bad going her way - she deserved it. Yamato and Mei are so very cute but I wish they would evolve and grow up a bit taking their relationship more seriously. I think Mei is too insecure and shy and she so inert, she should act up a bit more and show Yamato she loves him. Like text him more, kiss him now and then... Way too passive... Yamato might get tired of it if she keeps this up.