It's official. I hate Megumi.

Suki-tte Ii na yo, Volume 6 - Kanae Hazuki

"Aiko (to Megumi): We're not your pets. Stop wagging your tail."

Yamato and Mei still have a lot of obstacles to overcome and a lot of issues to resolve but the good thing is that they are willing to work on it. Kai, on the other hand, is a very good and honest boy who can't seem to keep his feelings inside so one day while walking Mei home from work he confesses to her. At first he was talking about -a girl who interests him- and then he told her bluntly that the girl is Tachibana Mei.


"Kai: Someone who has always thought only of myself but with a few words from that girl I was able to change those wrong thoughts. She changed me.
Mei: Hee... She must be a great person.
Kai: Yeah... She's great. A girl that has experienced a similar thing to me has a really good heart."

Kai left Mei with Land tickets and a confused mind. Since Kai is such an honest person, he told Yamato the next day how he confessed to Mei. He doesn't want any secrets between them and he is certain that their friendship is strong enough to overcome this. Yamato was shocked. But when Megumi tries to snitch to Yamato about Mei again, Yamato tells her how he already knows all about it and she should really stop with that behavior.

"Yamato: Kitagawa always tells me things about Mei but that's enough. Because I want to believe what I see and hear with my own eyes and ears. Other than that, they're pointless thoughts."

After that Kai encounters Megumi and gives her a piece of his mind. He understood all too well how Megumi schemed with those tickets she gave him.

"Kai (to Megumi): You can't allow people to be liked more than you. You have to be the center of attention or you won't feel good. Am I right?"

Megumi's mask is slowly slipping and more and more people realize who and what she is. She is having a hard time keeping that angelic expression on her face. She is starting to dismiss her fans and even her best childhood friend isn't spared. She leaves Momo-chan only because Momo turned down her proposal on isolating Mei. Megumi saw it as a betrayal and ceased communicating with Momo.

Asami is also having a difficult time. She suspects Nakanishi is cheating on her and she tells that to Aiko and Mei. She is very surprised when both of her friends stand up to Nakanishi and tell him a piece of their mind. Even timid Mei is angry and raises her voice.

"Mei: Do you think it's fine as long as she doesn't find out? In love there is no rule that says it's okay to do something because he's a guy or because she's a girl. It's important to keep to each others rules and be considerate towards your partner, don't you think?"

"Aiko: Then do it from the start!
Mei: I'm telling you, if you hurt her again we'll hurt you back three times as much."

"Mei: Please don't hurt Asami-san. To Nakanishi-kun, to us, she's a very precious person so don't make her sad."

Not only is Nakanishi shocked by what happened, so is Yamato. He finds a new respect for his beautiful girlfriend. He takes her to Land for two days and one night, a trip during summer vacation for just the two of them. Well, it would be two if Nagi hadn't asked their older brother to take her too so they were together the first day. Ii was a little bit disappointing to see how there still hasn't been any action between Yamato and Mei so far. And they had a couple of perfect opportunities.