Great sequel !

Sukitte iinayo (Say I Love You) Vol.3 [In Japanese] - Kanae Hazuki

"Yamato (to Mei): Please love me! I don't know exactly but please be crazy about me!"

The volume begins with the story of Aiko. Aiko who couldn't get over the fact that Yamato chose Mei instead of her. Aiko who declared an open war on Mei at the end of the last chapter. That same Aiko was deeply wounded when her boyfriend cheated on her in the past. She did everything for him but he still betrayed her. Then Yamato slept with her out of pity and only because she asked him to. Now Aiko has a scarred stomach from her excessive dieting and a not-so-good-behavior of sleeping with a lot of men who consider her attractive. Even though she thought she was still hung up on Yamato, she was regularly seeing Masashi, a guy who knew her when she was chubby and liked her then as much as he likes her now. They have sex and it's clear how much he loves her despite her slutty behavior and Yamato obsession. While confronting Mei she was surprised when Mei praised her and told her how much she admires her.

"Mei: Changing oneself for just one person I think is really great, and I'm also envious. Until now, I have been by myself and not cared about anyone else for 16 years. But... Being able to exist as one person alone... When you're by yourself, you don't have motivation. I only knew that type of life. There wasn't anyone to help me and I was in my own world. Now, being helped by people is a strange feeling. And it's made me want to help others."

Mei is head over heels in love with Yamato but she is so shy whenever he starts kissing her or telling her something intimate that it is starting to bother him. She often pushes him or just starts blushing and doesn't respond. Also, she is having difficulty saying to him that she likes him. I find that a bit annoying. I understand she lived most of her young life alone and that this is all new to her but she is pushing him away with this. I mean, a guy can love a girl a lot but if he doesn't know how she is feeling and if she always keeps him at arm's length, he will eventually cool off and find someone who will want him closer.

Yamato doesn't give up on Mei, though. He invited her to his home where she met his little sister, Nagi. She is the cutest girl ever. But she also calls Mei a slut. Nagi-chan has similar problems as Mei had in middle school. Her friends betrayed her and now she refuses to go to school. She thinks a world of her brother and Mei poses a threat in that department. Nonetheless, Mei helps little Nagi and they will eventually become good friends.

The appearance of a new character won't bode well for Mei. Megumi is a model who works for a magazine and she is an idol amongst her peers. She sets her eye on Yamato who ends up taking a job as a model as well. Even though Megumi knows Yamato has a girlfriend, her schemes will endanger their relationship. She is a nasty girl who acts all sweet and innocent but is indeed deceitful and mean. She already made her move on Yamato when she appeared in front of Yamato's house with chocolates just before Mei arrived. This kind of situation will require more work from Mei.

"Yamato: I love you, you know. I love you, Mei...
Mei: Wai-... Kurosawa... People...
Yamato: No one else matters.
Mei: ...Y-Yeah..."