A decent sequel but not as good as I hoped

Immortal Rider  - Larissa Ione

The only female of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is engaged to the Dark Lord himself, Satan, the most evil creature on the planet. Limos was engaged as a child while she was raised in Sheoul by her mother Lilith. She always believed that was what she deserved for all the lies and deceptions she indulged in. Her fiance is everything but understanding and he is extremely jealous. The only way to keep him away from her is not going to Sheoul and the only way to keep men from harm is not letting them near her. This tactic has worked for five thousand years. But now, Satan is getting impatient and Limos is on the verge of giving up. When a kiss presents itself she returns it and that lands the poor male in the depths of Hell.

Arik Wagner is a good soldier, a devoted brother and a smooth charmer. The latter part landed him in one hell of a trouble, and hell here is meant as literal Hell. He kissed Limos on the mouth and she responded. For one brief moment he was kissing one of the Horsemen. The next moment he was falling in the depths of Hell where he will be tortured until he screams her name out in agony.

Pestilence is getting stronger by the day and people are dying. The horsemen are so preoccupied by their internal struggle that they cannot fully turn their attention to the pressing matter at hand. Limos and Arik are in a world of trouble while there is a secret plot by the Aegis involving gorgeous Thanatos. Their angel watchers are nowhere to be found on top of that. What will happen with Limos and her engagement to Satan? Will Arik forever be imprisoned in Hell? And is Apocalypse only a heartbeat away?


The author, Larissa Ione, doesn't seem to disappoint where storyline is concerned. She has mastered suspense and mystery along with the erotic charge in the air. I loved her world building since the first book I've read and it only gets better. The usage of language and the humor that surrounds it are really at the top of her game.

Limos is a girly girl. And I mean everything that flashes through your mind when I say girly. From pink robes, yellow shirt, flashy nails, tanned skin, perfect hair, make-up, nail-polish, lace, a lot of skin revealed etc. That's why I probably couldn't correlate. She was too much of everything I don't like even though she is a smart woman. All that pink must have clouded my judgement. She is looking for her Agimortus and she is slowly falling for a human called Arik. When their kiss lands him in Hell, she won't rest until she finds him. I get that she wants to make amends especially for not telling him what will happen if he touches her like that. But I still think it was a little bit rushed. Perhaps one or two chapters more of how they've build up their affection would be nicer. Nonetheless, the rest of the story is smooth and easy to get.

Arik is a soldier type. His ass is in Hell and he is tortured with cruelty unknown to man. While he is tortured he resents Limos for not saying anything and he makes a promise that he will return to her all that was done to him here. And that was alright, believable and dark and painful. Fitting for the story. What I didn't really get was that he forgave her pretty soon and fell in love almost right after that. That's kinda hard to believe when you've been tortured for so long and only had one kiss with a girl. But hey, I'm not judging here. I just thought that was insta-love and it gnawed at me for a while. I wasn't really into Arik, probably because Thanatos stole my full attention since his first appearance in this series.

The setting is mostly set in Hawaii, Greece, Greenland and Sheoul. Hawaii most of all. When I combine all girly with Hawaii I get a gag reflex. So for me this wasn't as good as the first book but I drooled when Thanatos chapters came up. He is divine, amazing, I'd-like-to-lock-him-in-my-room kinda awesome so... the next book will be great no matter how I put it.

I recommend this book to all girls out there who enjoy pink, yellow, sun & beaches, shorts, mini skirts, flashy nail polish, tanned skin, spoiled behavior and a nice muscled soldier to go on top of that ;)