Mouth-watering, heavy-brething, heart-clenching awesome :)

A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole

Sizzling, erotic, engrossing and enticing ...

Dangerously sinful and steamy lustful !

A gorgeous alpha male werewolf breaks free of his confinement after 150 years of imprisonment and torture by the vampire horde under the city of Paris in its dark catacombs. Being burned alive over and over again never really dying because you are an immortal messes up ones mind pretty bad. When Lachlain MacRieve broke free and found his millennium-awaiting mate he thought that his mind was playing tricks on him because this fragile woman was a vampire, a leech, one from the race of those who tortured him and his kind sworn enemies. She was everything he always hated and despised and now she was sent by the fate itself to heal his body and soul.

Emmaline Troy is a sheltered, fragile, naive young half-vampire half-valkyrie who undertook her first trip alone to Paris to discover the identity of her father whom she never met. First time alone and far away from her family and already in trouble. She couldn't seem to find anyone who would sell her some bagged blood and she was growing weaker by the hour. When the crazed werewolf targeted her on the street and abducted her she couldn't seem to muster an ounce of resistance.

Lachlain and Emmaline are an unlikely pair who couldn't seem to understood why fate brought them together when they were so different in nature and enemies at that. Lachlain needs her more than anything else because without her he will most likely lose his mind before he loses his life. Emmaline is frightened of him and she clearly thinks he's out of his mind but she is nonetheless inexplicably attracted to him. To his big and hard body with many trained muscles and his long brown hair that once groomed makes him look like a millionaire. It doesn't hurt to say that he is the king of the Lykae Clan and he owns a castle in Scotland. I know, I wouldn't have any objections going with him but Emmaline seemed to find many along the way. Their relationship will grow and strengthen them both in a way that will soften a fierce warrior's heart and turn a shy maiden into a fierce warrior.

First of all, let me respond to some misconceptions I found in some reviews before I read the story. THERE IS NO RAPE and THERE IS NO FIRST TIME SEX IN ANIMAL FORM. It is completely false and I was appalled by this ridiculous accusations. They are both attracted to one another, they are destined to be together. She likes him and thinks of him and consequently she is aroused by him which he notices immediately since he is a werewolf, like duh. He acts on her arousal but when he sees how frightened she is of him and of her own feelings, he stops. He never made her do it. The first time they did it was completely consensual and beautiful out in the open in the forest under the full moon. Now, for the animal form. People obviously don't read carefully or are not smart enough to notice that he doesn't shift into a wolf but he carries a wolf inside him. Meaning, there are like two beings in one body and when under the full moon wolf part dominates, it seems like there is a shadow over him showing the other form. He only grows a little bit larger and his actions are more primal. That's it. The only thing true about those accusations is the rough sex. Which she absolutely enjoys. It sets her timid self free and she turns into a confident capable woman. And if some prune with christian ideas is reading this and talks nonsense afterwards because of their religion and oh-my-god-there-is-sex behavior, I have one thing to say to you - PISS OFF. Don't read paranormal erotic romance in the first place. Don't approach it. You could have seen from the bloody cover that this won't be you cup of tea.

Now, that this is settled back to my normal self.
I loved Lachlain. His dominating alpha male behavior made me breathe hard, my mouth was watering and I was entranced by him so much that I was up all night finishing this awesome novel. He is the perfect type of a man (or werewolf) for the women who like the dominating and overly protective kind of male. He is big, broad shoulders, wicked smile, comes from Scotland, owns a bloody castle, is the king of his clan and he is totally head over heals in love with Emmaline. Emmaline, a fragile looking blond ever-frightened half-vampire. She pissed me off at the start a little because she was overly timid. She was hurt when she touched a night butterfly, she was scared of her own shadow, she couldn't do nothing right, her self-esteem was so low that I wanted to tear those pages out. But! Give her some time and you will see a beautiful transformation. With Lachlain's pushiness and stubborn straight-headed behavior she will change and so much that at the end, she will be put down in history books as a fearless warrior.

Their unnatural relationship will overcome all obstacles and change them for the better. Isn't this what a real relationship was supposed to do? I believe so. This story has more than one angle to it. If you look at it superficially you'll see a destined pair, an unlikely pair, a pair that will soon become inseparable. But if you look closely under the surface you will see two troubled members of different species who are so damaged in their own ways that it seems like they will never be a happy future for either of them. They were brought together so that they can heal one another and change for the better under the influence of the other half of the pair. And not only them. Their entire species is in question.

There is a war brewing amongst the paranormal species. It happens every half a millennium. It is inevitable. They can change the course of the war if they work together. Emotionless mad vampires are far too powerful for either of their species. But if they could convince them to work together, to form an alliance, everything could change. Everything's at stake.

A beautiful tale that shows us how no one is an unimportant piece in history. We all matter. Each in our own way. Our actions, words and relationships correlate. Perhaps it is all fate and we can't change it but I doubt it. I believe that fate only sets us in our way but how we will arrive in our destination and in which state is all on us.

This story made me feel like I could do anything if I believed in myself and my worth. If the rest of the series is as equally gripping as the beginning it will move to my all-time-best-paranormal shelf.