Intriguing beginning of an awesome series

Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost

A good beginning of the series where you need to get to know the characters and their pasts first so you can understand what follows.

Cat and Bones seem like a good pair but I just felt something missing in the beginning, maybe it was the fact that every time they saw each other was either business or sex. Besides that, they were a steamy couple, all that dirty talk and insinuations almost makes you blush. Well... almost.

I also find that there really was no seduction in question, Cat kind of got over her hate of all vampires and settled in knowing that there are good and bad vampires just like there are good and bad humans. Sometimes it feels like the story lacks description (of places, people, cars)...

Now, I have to say that despite some minuses, this story had me enthralled all the way to the end. I devoured it, really. You just can't stop reading it. It is very bewitching and you forget of all your little remarks until you finish it. Because when I finished it, I felt like strangling Cat right then and there. I could not believe that she would make such a stupid decision because she suddenly got full of herself and decided to protect an old, strong, capable vampire by breaking his bloody heart. What kind of ending is that? Can Cat really be that egoistic to think she is doing him a favor? Well think again... and she is not a teenager anymore... It just made me frustrated. And that mother of hers... no, she does not love her, not really, she is just using her to get back without even flinching if she gets hurt. Not a mother of the year, I'll tell you.

To summarize it, it was a good start but I hope that Jeaniene gets better in the rest of the series. Cat needs a good wake up call from her selfishness and her mother needs to be put in an asylum or something. As for Bones, well, no remarks there except - you can leave Cat and come here anytime :)