Sweet, enchanting short story..

Seduced by Santa (Paranormal Protection Agency) - Mina Carter

Plot: Candy Kane is a daughter of a wealthy man, member of the social elite but she chose a different life, away from the high-class living and deep into the troubled neighborhood where she opened a community center. Through three years, the community center lived up to its purpose. And every year she hosted a grand Christmas party where everyone received a hot meal and every child went home with a present given by Santa. This year, however, the things went south because of a robbery and lack of funds. Candy had to pull out all of her savings to make it happen. The only thing that was missing was a Santa Clause. On her way home she was attacked by three thugs and was rescued by two men, Jared Stone (the werewolf) and Rhod Clause (of the original Clause clan from the North Pole). Rhod seemed to like her at first sight. He helped her, put her in his arms and drove her to the emergency room. After that he went to her place where he discovered she likes him just as much. So he decided to stick around for a while.

As I've mentioned before, this is a sweet, romantic short story that is nice to read near a fireplace with a hot beverage in your hands. Preferably, while the snow is falling and it's pretty cold outside.

But for me it lacked that erotic, tension building, sparks, possessiveness kind of story. Sure it had a sexual encounter but it was more sweet than steamy. At least that's how I saw it. Nonetheless, it is a good story, worthy of giving it a chance.

I know the names seem kind of corny but for me, they were really funny when you get the whole winter tale Santa kind of story. I actually believe it to be more inventive than cheesy.

The author still has the same usage of language that I like and the same train of thought that makes me giggle every few sentences. For example:

"...Oh no. He was a main bloodline Claus, which meant when Dec 24th hit, he gained a couple of hundred pounds, five decades and a beard like a frost-covered bush to deliver presents to undeserving, snot-nosed, spoilt little brats.
And don’t even get him started on the fucking reindeer. Temperamental pains in the ass, they thought it was funny to pull an emergency stop and pitch him off the freaking roof..."

"He was a Claus, and when it came to mind-tricks even the Jedi had nothing on him."

"That was all well and good, but as sexy as he was, if he started to sparkle, she was so kicking his butt out the door."

The epilogue was really sweet (I know I use that word a lot in this review but I can't seem to help it). The way he handled Candy and their unborn baby was really something special. The way a true man outta treat a proper woman. Especially a pregnant one. That is showing his true affection and his true strength.