Better than "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" but still not there yet

Protect and Service (Paranormal Protection Agency) - Mina Carter

A hot, short, enchanting read. Definite improvement from the last one.

Plot: Eloise was cursed by her ex, Pete. All of her boyfriends are involved in some incidents or they get an ailment or some freak habit they hadn't had before so she never gets a second date. Since the annual ball is a place where you absolutely must have a plus one or you just might lose your position as Executive Administration Manager, she goes to Paranormal Protection Agency as a last resort. Before she has a chance to speak with the boss, Iliona, she is overpowered, pressed to a wall by a large, hot as hell werewolf, Jared Stone. He seems to like her on some primal level. Iliona finally makes him move away from Eloisa. Eloisa receives him as a hired date for the hospital's charity ball. Jared is a werewolf who knows what he wants and he makes sure everyone see that.

This book is a definite level up from the previous one. This isn't just a scene anymore. Eloise comes with a background and for the most part of the story she is handling a big problem. It's certainly a short story that is very amusing and hot.

Eloise is portrayed as a short female with dark hair and large breasts. While I have nothing against large breasts, the way the author continuously uses that as a demonstration of a female's beauty (almost the same in two previous stories), makes me wonder if that is the author's fetish, desire or is she simply a great fan of a hentai ideal woman.

Also, I don't know if the author never met an eloquent man or she believes it is better for them to simply show their desire with actions but all of her male characters can't seem to say anything nice in a prolonged sentence or anything that seems romantic more than simply a combination of curse words and grunts. Her gargoyles in first two stories were as eloquent as a man who was raised by the wolves and was never near humans all of his life. The werewolf was a bit of an improvement because he could actually use verbs as well as nouns but he didn't do it too often. He mostly grunted. And cursed. And took action before he got a permission. The sentences mostly used by the main characters: Fuck. Me.

One inconsistency that I've noticed. In the first chapter, Jared's eyes are described as ice-blue eyes and later on she describes them as „eyes the colour of a warm tropical sea“ which do not resemble an ice-blue eyes if you ask me.

The author continues to use the language in a manner I really like when I want to read something that will make me laugh and amuse me enough to shake off the worries from my mind for a little while.

„He's an ass but he's the best I've got. Whatever you need, he'll get it done.“ She grinned suddenly. „Or I'll have him neutered in the morning. With a blunt spoon.“

The one thing that really bothered me was Jared's behavior towards Eloisa. He seemed to jump on her as soon as he saw her which might be alright because he's a werewolf and a womanizer if he didn't ask her to marry him right then and there. Out of the blue. A complete stranger, sure hot, but a stranger nonetheless. As if that wasn't enough, he repeated the same question the following evening in the midst and after a sexual encounter between those two. And she was inclined to say yes.

“But be warned, I’ll keep asking it until you say yes. I told you before, I’m a wolf. And we always get what we want in the end.”

All in all, erotic part of the story was great. And I mean really great. The tension, the leading on, the building need, the actual act when they got home... it was absolutely enthralling and steamy as hell. If not for that marriage proposal and so few words spoken by Jared, I just might say it is one the best erotic short stories I've read in a while.