Not worth it...

Between a Rock and A Hard Place - Mina Carter

“I love you,” he whispered against my lips as Gran dropped a kiss on my bare shoulder. I caught the wicked quirk of his lips as he sat back to look into my eyes. “We love you. And we want to love you again. Five minutes be enough rest?”

You get the gist. Iliona now has two gargoyles. In her life and inside her. Simultaneously.

Iliona is working late. Alone. She hears a sound. Founds an unidentified-species robber. A gargoyle saves her from an attack. She believes its her gargoyle Cal and she makes a move on him. But it appears it's not Cal, it's Gran as in Granite. They could be twins save from a scar in different places. Interestingly, Cal wasn't upset she made a move on someone else. Once they arrived home, Cal sent Iliona to shower while he prepared the room. He filled it with candles and surprised her with a little bit of self-pleasuring. After that he went to work on her and amidst the play told her he would love if she would be with Gran too. She accepted and Gran strolled in from the window and joined the party. They exchanged places. And again. And then they were both inside of her. One bigger than the other. Because they're gargoyles.

I'm sorry but this just makes no sense. I know this is supposed to be a short story but there isn't much of a story going on. More of a scene. Close contact with a thief and then she's banging (well, the other way around) both gargoyles.

So, first of all, there isn't much of a story.

Secondly, she has been dating Cal for six months and she still has ignorant questions like:
He was as naked as the day he was born…err, carved, or whatever it was gargoyles did. For all I knew,
the damn Easter Bunny delivered them in brightly wrapped chocolate eggs.

I’d never seen Cal fully shifted—were there feline-type gargoyles?

Thirdly, she accepts threesome without a second thought on the matter. And once again she has a strange gargoyle planted outside her apartment window while she's being intimate with someone and one bat's an eye, like it's no big deal.

In conclusion, this scene had some hot action (that's why I gave it 2* instead of 1*) but all the rest was really unbelievable and highly unlikely. And with that cavemen gargoyle talk, I had a feeling I was in a Wrong Turn movie and she was being handled by some mutant homicidal rapists and murderers. It was cute when it was just Cal, but with Gran it's on the psycho side. This was more of a twisted fantasy than erotic paranormal.