Birthright - short story

Tales of the Otherworld (Otherworld Stories, #II) - Kelley Armstrong

Short story by Kelley Armstrong that features Logan, a pre-law college student who received an envelope consisting of a name and an address which he believed belonged to his unknown father on his eighteenth birthday. His mother was never a loving kind so he grew up with his maternal grandparents. He never knew his father to whom his mother referred to as only a sperm donor. When he received an address that might be his fathers he spared no time getting there.

Was he surprised once he learned what/who was on the address given to him. A pack of werewolves who were surprised of his arrival just as he was surprised by who he found. They explained to him why he was there and what was happening to him. Even though they hadn't harmed him, they did lock him up until his first change. When he will most likely join them or die.

It is an interesting short story but too mushy-feely of teenage self-questioning and not feeling like a part of society crap. An 18 year old who never really belonged and has issues with his mother.
The story is fine, nicely described and full of inner turmoil but not my cup of tea. Perhaps I'm just getting fed up with abundance of similar stories and similar issues in young adult literature these days.

All in all, this story is only a prequel so I won't complain too much. It is meant to describe Logan's journey through life that led him to join the Stonehaven pack so we can see later on why he mattered so much to some people.

I did like the Pack's law which Logan must abide by if he wants to live:
An unprovoked attack warrants death. That is our Law. We face enough danger from without; we won’t tolerate it within.