Edge of Dawn: A Midnight Breed Novel - Lara Adrian

What the hell???

I can't believe that I just read such a load of crap in one single book... -.-

Complete, total, utter disappointment...

So, let me walk you through my experience. If you read the rest of the books in this series you know how it all ended, but it didn't, did it. It should have. It would have been a great ending. This was a waste of time and ink, if you ask me.

A new generation of warriors and breedmates. Sons and daughters of the warriors of the Order are now in the spotlight. This particular book stars Mira and Kellan. They are now all grown up, around 30 years old and they love each other. They loved each other since they were kids. With 15 they had their first kiss and with 21 they shared a night together. So far so good. Now, 8 years later, Mira is a female warrior, part of the Order and she hates/despises all the rebels because they took her one and only true love. After Kellan slept with Mira he apparently died a few hours later when a storehouse exploded with him in it. The rebel fraction was responsible. Mira watched it all go down but she never found his body. You see where I'm going with this, right???

Mira is a breedmate, 29 years old, a warrior with a particular hate towards rebels. When she screws up she is punished with a babysitter mission that goes south before it even started. Her target, some scientist guy, with her along is kidnapped by the rebels and held in a bunker. The leader of this REBEL group is no one other than KELLAN. Yes, you heard me right. He faked his own death and joined the rebels and he has been leading the rebel group for the past 8 years. And now you ask yourself why... oh, this is my favorite part. Because when he slept with Mira he looked into her naked eyes and saw a vision. A vision, people. He saw himself being accused of TREASON, KIDNAPPING AND MURDER and sentenced to death with Mira watching the whole thing go down. And because of that he decided to leave Mira and join the rebels because there is absolutely no way that he will be accused of TREASON, KIDNAPPING AND MURDER if he becomes an enemy of the Order and does things against the law and without the knowledge or help from the Order. Oh yeah, so understandable. I mean, sure, leave the ones that keep peace and work legally and join the people that only do things against the law. There is no chance in hell that the vision can come true now, is there???

Oh my god. It feels like a 10 year old was writing this. It has <b>no logic, reason or action/reaction link</b>. It is frustrating from the beginning. Why in the lords name would he leave the Order and join the rebels to avoid being accused of treason??? No bloody sense.

And just when you think things can't get any bloody worse...
Mira is kidnapped, she's seething rage. Hates rebels, blah blah... When she finds out that the leader is Kellan, her Kellan that was dead for the past 8 years where she is concerned, it takes her full 2 days to jump into his bed. Without him even explaining why he faked his own death. Without a word. She spent 8 fuc**** years HATING, DESPISING and MURDERING rebels. She was full of REGRET, ANGUISH, SORROW, DESPAIR, RAGE and ANGER. Eight years she spent hating the world because Kellan wasn't in it. And then just like that it all went away. With the snap of her little pale fingers. Who cares that he was allegedly dead, that he disappeared without a trace, that he betrayed her and the Order that gave him home when he lost everything, who bloody cares that he spent 8 years as a rebel doing things punishable by the law which the Order must sanction, who cares that he broke her heart????!!!! She understands him on some unknowable level so she must screw him and help him in his rebel work. Who buys this crap??? Honestly, who thinks that this can ever happen???

I've read the whole book, it took me days and few anti-stress pills but I managed. It didn't get any better. Kellan lost the scientist guy, was framed for murder, Mira helped him with everything, she loves him, screws him repeatedly, helped his injured friend and when the Order found them she defended him. She didn't care that he spent 8 years doing illegal, wrong things. Oh, no. She defended him because he was Kellan and he used to be a part of the Order. On top of everything, even Lucan defended him. Unbelievable. So, he was sentenced to death and shot several times but he was revived and now he lives happily ever after with Mira.  

And the storyline goes that now after 20 years since the outing of vampires, the Breed and humankind are struggling to get along. It doesn't help that a third force is working against them, the practically immortal Atlanteans. They call themselves Opus Nostrum and they plot to take all vampires out of existence. And the new generation of the Order will have to deal with them. The way this going, I'm rooting for the Atlanteans. Kill them all and spare us of any more of this horrid stories...

I'm gonna go sleep for days to get this book out of my head. Good thing I'm not prone to suicide or drugs. If you are sane and consider yourself a logical and smart being, STAY AWAY FROM THIS BOOK, DO NOT LOOK AT IT, DO NOT ENGAGE IN IT. That is my advice for your own well-being.