Hot, fast-paced and suspenseful plot....

Ecstasy Unveiled - Larissa Ione


Dark edgy romance with plenty of action and a thrilling mystery.



Lore, the brother no one knew existed has a decision to make. Decision that may result in death of sister Sin, or in the hatred of his brothers and their decision to kill him as a result. Lore was given his 100th kill and if he succeeds he and his sister will be free of this life as assassins. But since the target is Kynan that will result in the hatred of his brothers and their mates and especially Gem. On the other hand, Sin was also given a target, a warg that is also a Primori just like Kynan. Both Kynan and the warg are Primoris of Idess, an earthbound angel that swore to protect the human race. As Lore becomes another of her Primori, Idess realizes that something is wrong but she has no choice. She needs to protect them even if it means giving up on her vow of eternal chastity for Lore. And Lore doesn't seem to mind that all that much.


Who is behind the contract on killing Kynan and the warg?

Is Idess a primary target since both of her Primori are in mortal danger?

Does someone want to hurt the brothers instead by ripping them apart and hurting them individually?


All of those questions are simply the tip of the iceberg. As the story progresses everything gets darker, more complicated and utterly engrossing. You can't put this book down even if your life depended on it.


Sin is my favorite character so far (next to Wraith) and she is given a great deal of time in this book and it is only a prequel to the next book that she is a heroine of.

So, Sin makes good on her deal and executes a hit on the warg but before she has a chance to finish him off with her disease-transmitting hand, Idess appears and tries to save her Primori. Because of that, a warg plague erupts and no one knows how to stop it. This is the issue that is transported into the next book. Sin is a skillful assassin with a bad attitude and a big mouth. Her life has been hell and she doesn't want anyone getting too close to her. Her brother Lore is the only exception.

I love the was she expresses herself:


   “It’s not what you think,” he said lamely, because it was exactly what she thought.

“Really? So that big asshole behind you didn’t bet you five hundred bucks that you couldn’t fuck me?”


“That’s what I thought. You dick. How stupid do you think I am? Your name really fits you, Con.” She snatched the money from him, took two hundreds and three twenties, and thrust the remaining two hundred and forty dollars back into his hand. Then, smiling broadly, she punched him in the shoulder. “Next time you make a bet like that, don’t cheat me out of my half. I owe you a ten.”


She has major issues and part of her problem is that she is the only known female half-seminus demon. That means she needs daily sex or she might die. And she has a gift/curse of giving a disease to anyone with the grip of her hand. She gets involved with a dhampir paramedic at UGH, Conall, and their conversation and relationship is everything but tender and sweet.


  “You okay?” he asked gruffly.

“Ah… yeah.”

“Then why are you skulking around my ambulance?”

“I wasn’t skulking. I was resting.”

“In a parking lot.” He gave her a dry look. “On the ground.”

She shoved to her feet. “Do all medical personnel take classes on how to be obnoxious? Because I thought maybe it was a brother thing, but I’m starting to think it’s a medical thing.”


In her relationship with the brothers she doesn't lose her spark but Wraith is the only brother who measures up to her.


   She gasped in outrage. “I. Said. Move. I’m going to find my brother.”

He snorted. “If I can’t find him, you don’t stand a margarita’s chance at an AA meeting.”

“Y-you arrogant ass,” she sputtered.

“It’s not arrogance if you can back it up.”



And Conall, the beautiful paramedic dhampire isn't too far behind...


   “Yeah,” he ground out, “I nailed her.”

“Where?” Luc always wanted the dirty details.

“Stockroom.” He held out his hand. “Pay up.”

Luc snorted and reached for his wallet. “I really got taken on this one, didn’t I?” He handed over four hundreds and five twenties.

“Yeah, well, you can have the last laugh once the Sem brothers catch up with me.” Con ran his thumb over the bills. “Seems she’s their sister.”

“Dude.” Luc stretched out the word and then whistled, low and long. “Nice knowing you.”


I really look forward to Sin / Conall story. I think it might be the best so far.



All in all, this story will put you under a spell as soon as you enter. The characters, the usage of language, the interesting twists, hot and steamy sex, heart-warming romance, forbidden love... you name it, you have it. It is dark and spicy and most certainly a book to recommend.