Lovely but nothing more

Eternity Embraced (Demonica, #3.5) - Larissa Ione

A short lovely novella.

What happens when the Aegis slayer is turned into the very thing he hates the most? And how will the woman that loves him react?


Kaden and Andrea are members of the Aegis, they slay demons for a living. One day, Kaden goes missing on the job. Andrea is terrified by the prospect of him turning up dead or maybe even worse.


Andrea and her colleagues raid a vampires den in hope of finding Kaden. They struggle but they succeed in entering. Once inside, Andrea is firmly set on finding Kaden rather than on taking out vampires. What she finds in a cell in the basement is Kaden but not the old Kaden. He was turned and he obviously didn't have time to take himself out before that happened. She enters the cell and confronts him. Amidst their conversation, the cell closes and the vampire who turned Kaden wishes them all the best. Since Kaden was starving this was a really bad situation. He didn't know if he could control himself enough with Andrea. The fact that  they have been lovers did in no way help. He wanted her blood and he wanted her. Andrea was struggling with the idea that the man she loves is no longer a man. The Aegis told them that all demons were vile monsters and evil beyond redemption. But now that she's talking with him he doesn't seem all that different or evil. They both have a choice to made. A choice that will mean life or death.



Simple lovely novella but nothing more than that. The story is interesting and the question hanging above their heads intriguing. But... I've read more gripping, heart-warming short stories. This one is lovely but not enticing or enchanting. It lacks action, resolve and more resistance. It is too simple and not hot enough.


If you want a light read to pass the time, this is your book but if you want something to make your heart skip a beat, this will not do. Unlike the original Demonica series, Eternity Embraced lacks action and suspension around some mysterious phenomenon. This is your basic, not going out of the lines, no cliffhanger or unexpected turn kind of the book. At the first page you can guess the ending.