Amazing, steamy, overpowering must-read

Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione

Oh, bloody hell...

Amazing, overpowering and soooo enticing...

Want a mindblowingly handsome doctor that is also an incubus? CHECK

In a need of a sexy demon hunter in leather with the hint of raw danger? CHECK

Enchanting romance with an obscenely great sex? DOUBLE CHECK

Add some great action, unique characters, original story and a bunch of supernatural species and you have a perfect finishing product. INFINITE CHECK

I was completely taken aback... totally surprised... I expect another same-old same-old paranormal fling with a dash of vampire and an average and/or dull sex. But this is just something else.
The idea of an Underground General Hospital for all demons and supernatural beings was beyond my comprehension. An original idea, I'll say. Mix that with a stunning doctor Eidolon in charge of the hospital who happens to be a very luscious incubus in search of a mate and a sexy halfbreed slayer Tayla that catches his interest and you have a very awkward, lustful, funny and unique mess to sort through.

I'm completely fired up now. It's the kind of a story that makes you laugh out loud, search yourself for answers when difficult questions arise and become fully intertwined with desire. The possessiveness is what makes me tick. That growl that Eidolon makes when anyone touches his slayer. And she was his alright. Many times before even realizing it. Even though both their species saw their relationship as a taboo, a heart wants what a heart wants or should I say, primitive instincts take hold before heart realizes what it wants. Amidst the war between the demons and the slayers, they ended up as the spokesmen or peacekeepers for both their kinds. They've made each other realize that not everything is black and white and not all demons/slayers are of one kind.
I love the complexity of the story. This isn't just another paranormal fling, it has much more layers to it. The friendship and respect the hospital staff share, the deep bond between an incubus doctor and a vampire nurse Nancy that was brutally attacked, the betrayal in the team that was supposed to bring justice, the deep bond between brothers which is simple and complex at the same time and the proof that family is family even though you don't grow up with them like Tayla and Gem. All those different kinds of relationships between different species and ideals is what makes this book more than it seems. It makes it real and easy to imagine. It makes us feel at home.

I always have at least one negative remark that I can't seem to get out of my head regardless of how good was the story. I have none here. Zero. Only compliments and hope that the rest of the series follows in these footsteps.



Favorite quotes:


" He loved this job. Loved managing his own little piece of hell that was as close to heaven as he'd ever get. "

" Wraith flipped him the bird, and Shade laughed. "Someone got up on the wrong side of the crypt. You jonesing for a fix, bro? I saw a tasty-looking junky topside. Why don't you go eat him?" "


" "E, man, you smell like a virgin male in a brothel who can't decide which whore to hump." He grimaced. "And eew. Dude, she's a Buffy. I'd sooner shove my dick into a month-dead corpse."
 "You probably have."
 Wraith snorted. "Eliminates the obligatory cuddling afterward." "


" "Hey, is the touchy-feely homo moment over? Because I'm wondering how Minion of Darkness One got to hit Minion of Darkness Two without his skull fracturing?"
 Eidolon's mouth twitched in a half-smile. "I had the Haven spell altered so it didn't apply to me or my brothers."
 "So you guys can beat anyone you want?"
 "No. Just each other."


"Shit. Ciska, the Sora demon nurse, radiated sex like a contaminated nuclear power plant. Wraith couldn't resist her if he was in a coma."