Almost perfect !

Darker After Midnight (with bonus novella A Taste of Midnight): A Midnight Breed Novel - Lara Adrian

Interesting, fulfilling and enticing!

The world as we know is gone. Everything changed.
Chase, oh that awesome man did not disappoint. On the verge of turning Rogue, sacrificing himself for the Order and now that he's broken free from police custody, has his own vendetta to settle. Amidst of all the confusion - the Order relocating, Chase in police custody, Dragos free on the streets of Boston - here comes a mysterious woman called Tavia. Chase knew something was different about her. She didn't smell human, she thought she suffered from an incurable disease and she had scars on her body that turned out to be dermaglyphs, she was his puzzle to solve. When she turned full Breed all he could do was stare in wonder. And then satisfy her thirst and other needs in the process. While he was battling his Bloodlust and feelings for her, Dragos made his final move. He unleashed a terror into the world, a terror that outed his kind. There is no more hiding and no more secrets.

I loved the storyline, it was so enticing. I simply couldn't stop reading. Almost perfect if you ask me. Slowly building up tension and then turning the world upside down with an unexpected twist. Even though I have a few remarks, I liked this book the most, all the others seem to fade when I read Darker After Midnight. It felt like the author was just building those previous stories to get to this part.

The sex is still the most boring part of the book. And I mean it, really do. Even worse than the chapters coming from Dragos' point of view. Chase and Tavia had sex on the bed and in the shower. Word by word the same as all those previous descriptions in earlier books. A big drawback. I just can't give it 5 stars when this is an adult book and it's still struggling with this part. Maybe the author should have written it more modestly and spare us those few pages of boredom.
The tension and seduction is great, don't get me wrong, the need, the desire, anticipation, all of it. But it just doesn't seem to peek as it should. Have they all been programmed the same way? I know it's not fair to compare series but the author let the doors open for that with her first book that was a total Black Dagger Brotherhood rip off. In BDB, there is variety, something for everyone, there is gentleness, roughness, bondage, male on male, outdoor sex... As is in the Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost. Here we have bed, shower, the same moves and almost always in the same order.

And I was confused by one thing. Tavia is half Breedmate, half Breed. She bonds like a Breedmate and she has the strength and cravings of the Breed. I don't recall anyone ever mention her Breedmate talent. Does she have one? Well, she should. I just can't find it.

I adore little Mira, she is such a child but also so knowing and clever just as any adult. I really think I would make friends with her. I like her courage and fearlessness.

All in all, the best book so far. From the beginning till the very end you're trapped under a spell and simply can't put this book down. A very good love story, nice apocalypse images, Dragos finally out of the picture and Tavia, a very brave and beautiful Breed female that I have been rooting for or just wishing for since the first book (I don't like the idea that only males are strong and fighting here).