Finally, improvement

Deeper Than Midnight - Lara Adrian

Oh, yes, that's what I'm talking about. The author finally listened to our pleas and stepped out of her comfort zone!
Enthralling, amusing and addictive... all the ingredients of a fabulous few hours of moving only as much as it takes to turn the page!

Finally, almost everything that bothered me so far has been changed. We don't immediately start a book with love at first sight while one of the warriors is out on a mission. No, we start with problems for everyone, with Dragos and his dark schemes, with storyline slowly building up so we have no choice but to care, to turn the page, and the next one and so on.

Hunter, the stoic, efficient and lethal warrior finds himself interested in a lovely, petite woman called Corinne, one of the Breedmates recently rescued by the Order from Dragos and the decades of torture and humiliation. Chase, on the other hand, loses the ability to control himself and his cravings for blood. He leaves the Order and struggles to hold on to his humanity. Dragos reveals more of his dark plots and eerie schemes he has been preparing for decades. He finally learned of the exact location of the Order's whereabouts and he is planning to wipe them of the existence. When all of this intertwines, you get one helluva book.

All the members of the Order and their mates finally get the attention they need. They all get their share and roles in the story. They are all involved as they should be. Previous books lacked this. The other characters were only mentioned as to give appearance of a large group. Now, they all play their role. Everyone matters. Even Chase in his current condition. I also welcome the idea (as I've mentioned in my previous reviews) that the main character of the next book gets more time in this one. It's only logical for us to connect to that character and already have the basis laid out. Also, it adds to the eagerness with which we expect the sequel.

One thing I still resent and why I lower my grade continuously is the bad sex. And I mean really bad. In this book, it had the smallest amount of time and it was utterly dry. Don't get me wrong, I really like Hunter. And I find him smoking hot. But what happens with him and Corinne is like it went through a censorship by some religious organizations or very conservative parents. If you don't feel like writing this parts then don't because it's only a waste of space in this case. Perhaps a little research on the subject matter wouldn't hurt.

I think it's all coming together, at last. The storyline that leaves your hurt pumping, the characters you feel you would die for and the slow building of tension so that we are completely irrevocably hooked to the book. Not to mention, the heroine was once again a strong female that went through hell and survived and now she's ready for vengeance.

The book ends on a cliffhanger and since it's 4 a.m. at the moment, I guess I'll just go start reading the sequel.