Not recommended

Last Bitten (The Emerald Night #1) - Lauren Ash

I honestly don't know what to make of it...

The story moved so fast it all seems like a haze...

There was no character development, some parts of the storyline were just skipped. I have no idea what their history together looked like at all. We only saw glimpses that held absolutely no emotion or attachment. For erotic novel, there was no erotic part, really. All superficial and boxed into one paragraph.

The way I remember the storyline: Hana and Nia get into the club, have some gin, take the first dance and are already scooped by some guys. Nia (and she's allegedly a virgin) goes with a complete stranger to the VIP section where he takes her from behind and then starts drinking her blood. The drinking blood part is painful and she snaps out of it, stabs the guy, leaves Hana behind and goes back to campus. Next morning police informs her that Hana was stabbed and is critical in a hospital. Nia feels horrible that day, loses blood and is rushed into the hospital herself. Johnny comes to the hospital to give Nia his blood and she turns vampire. Kills the guy that has been stalking her on campus, Andy. After that she is rushed to some mansion where she needs to marry the guy she stabbed, Johnny, without knowing what is going on. The wedding goes wrong because of her choice and now they have a lot of mess to clean up.

Everything happened too fast, it was emotionless, nothing in it was really dark. Maybe some teenagers would gasp at the mention of emerald gaze but that's all there is to it. Characters aren't even fully described, only parts of them. We can only guess the hierarchy of the vampire society for there is no explanation. And how they met during the black plague but now she was human again even though he only promised her 20 years of human life. Confusing. I hated that Johnny called Nia, my Last Bitten, all the time. It has no appeal whatsoever.

I found it really strange that the sex with Johnny in the club was painful for Nia. I thought they were meant-to-be, there-is-no-time-limit, destiny-bound lovers. If I understood it correctly. But it's really hard to say when so much of the story is missing. But as long as there are coffins for vampires and apparently a gothic mansion, everything is alright.

The positive thing was Nia's attitude after she turned vampire. All alluring murderous predator. That's the only thing I found tasteful. Even though soon after she starts having doubts and guilt of conscious. That ruined that one original part this story had.

Some quotes:

"The music pumped through, within, drowning out all thoughts of the real world and their real problems - college, money, the busy barista job, overbearing mothers, ex-boyfriends, and the dorm-room rat. It was screw all and let's have a ball."

"Nia... my Nia, he whispered, floating on air to take a closer look... I missed you, my Nia. Should you die a mortal life? Should you live forsaken - my Last Bitten? Stunning you are, sleeping perfectly under those pristine, white hospital sheets."