It would be perfect if not for the ending....

The King's Virgin - Adriana Hunter

Oh, I don't know if I should be furious over the ending or I should compliment Adriana for being different. I would have preferred more enjoyable ending but it is what it is. Although it leaves some room for a sequel so there's still hope.

We have a forbidden love between a commoner and a king. King Lyon sentenced Miss Thomas to being his mistress. She was accused of treason since she wrote a letter where King wasn't shown in a good light. At first she is angry and defiant but then she realizes that he spared her life and she shouldn't be so resentful. Over the weeks they grew accustomed to each other, she welcomes their lustful activities and he brings her presents and shows her kindness. After a while King notices how much she misses her family and guilt swells within him so he releases her. She promises to come back to him but he just turns his back and walks over the threshold.

I liked this short easy reading more than I initially thought I will. Even though it stretches to a few weeks time I didn't feel any rushing or cutting to the end. If only the ending was more satisfactory I would have given it a full 5 stars for it brighten my mood and made me smile.