Same old same old

Shades of Midnight - Lara Adrian

I really don't know if I can take it anymore. It's even worse than the last one. Repetitive generic writing. Love story is just like those before. Same beginning, same development, same fears, same reluctance and same ending. Generic writing !


So, Kade goes to Alaska on a mission, meets Alex on the first day, loves her from the first eye contact, mission falls to second place, Alex gets involved in his mission, he wants her, (oh yeah, of course she's a undiscovered Breedmate), she's scared, she wants him back, something happens and she starts doubting him, he proves his love and yes, oui, you're guessing right, they live happily ever after.


Now, let me explain by what I mean generic writing... (does any of this sound familiar to you?)


- when Breedmates first realize what their intended is and how they always knew somehow:

     " "Vampire" Alex had never voiced the word out loud, not in relation to the murders of her mom and little brother. It stuck to her tongue like bitter paste, foul even, after she had spit it out"


- warriors never ever thought they would have a Breedmate but now suddenly they can't live without them:

     " "My God, I sure didn't see you coming - didn't see any of this coming. I never expected I'd end up caring like this." "


- when a warrior realizes after all those years of being a part of the Order that they are actually like his family but now his Breedmate is even more important:

     "Part of him knew without the shadow of a doubt that he would give his life for any of the warriors, just as they would lay down their lives for him. They were family, as tight as any bond he'd ever known.

     But Alex was something even more."


- the sex life:

     "Kade ravished her body, made her climax so many times she finally gave up trying to keep count" (and a few minutes later, 2 more times -.- , why, oh why, use such exaggerations)


- when Breedmate tries the blood of her chosen for the first time:

     "The first taste of him was a shock, she didn't know what she'd expected but none of her imaginings had prepared her for the reality of drinking from Kade."


There is more, a lot more but I don't have a stomach to relieve it again. It's sooo annoying. Neither of the Breedmates knows what they are or that vampires exist but as soon as they hear it from complete strangers, it's like they always knew. Oh, come on, spare me. The way warriors convince the Breedmate that she's different. And then they have all the same questions and than we have pages of repetition from previous books. I think Lara Adrian just uses the same template over and over and over again.

In this book, Alexandra lost her mother and brother when she was 9 to Rogue attack. She never admitted to herself that they weren't human, that they were monsters. Now she finally does. And when Kade comes out with I'm a vampire thing and tells her that he's different from those monsters, she believes him. Just like that. I guess because she knows him for a full of couple of days and one fuck. Understandable.


I believe that the problem lies in forcing love from the first chapter. It's like we won't read it if it isn't obvious in the first few pages who will end up together and they are already on that path. If Lara would just focus more on her storyline with the Ancient and the enemies it would be so much better and enjoyable.


That is the ONLY positive thing I found in this book. The Ancient. The story around him was great, and I mean it. It was interesting, mysterious, secretive, full of action and blood pumping faster. The problem is that there wasn't much of it. A short chapter here and there. For it was more important to read about the same shit Alex and Kade were going through as a pair freshly in love.


I sincerely hope the Ancient isn't dead because I don't know what else could possibly brighten this unimaginative series any more.