Ashes of Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 6) - Lara Adrian

I am losing my patience with this series...

Again... from the very beginning Claire and Andreas are playing a well-known game. I want you, I can't have you because of our past, I want you yet again, someone is in mortal danger and now all my worries suddenly disappear and we live happily ever after. Unimaginative, repetitive, cold and devoid of emotion (at least it is for me).

Same love story. Same dull sex. Even more than in the previous book.

I really liked Andreas in the previous books. He was a charmer but with a deadly hint. The Order tried to convince him to join them but he had his family, his business and his human lover in Berlin so he was reluctant. When everything perished in blood and fire he only lived for vengeance. So far so good. But! Right there at the beginning of the book he runs into his former lover, a woman who stole his heart some 30 years ago. Instantly, he is drawn to her, can't let go, he's too aroused etc. Old story. The problem is that their story just isn't to-die-for gripping. It's missing something. There was hardly any possessiveness and blood boiling arguing. Nothing. He has his problems so he keeps her at arms length. And she accepts it. What's worse she makes a couple of stupid decisions that made me dismiss her in the beginning. She's just not right for Andreas.

The storyline is quite interesting still. But not till half of the book. From there on it's a nice mystery. The only reason I have continued reading it. Now, with the Ancient on the loose I just might continue with the series (maybe).