Repeating, obvious development, good storyline though

Veil of Midnight - Lara Adrian

Veil of Midnight brings to us the story of Nikolai and Renata. The story had started pretty much the same as the others. Nikolai was an a mission, he had an encounter with Renata and even though he thought it was impossible for him to have a mate or just care for someone as much he fell for her. Of course, there were complications and her reluctance. But she gave in and they were in love. Towards the end she was in mortal danger and he saved her. Same old, same old.

It's really irritating. In the bloody first chapter he met her and it was sooooo OBVIOUS that they will end up together that I almost gave up on the book. But I didn't because I wanted to be kept in the loop with the storyline. The way Nikolai felt he will never have a mate, that he is a bad boy and not the one to settle down, how surprised he was to feel something for this perfect, beautiful, intelligent, courageous and flawless woman is the same MO Lara had from the very first book. Not to mention how dull sex has become in her books. Missionary and cowgirl positions on the bed and it always starts with his fingers. Please, oh please, be more creative for once! You REPEAT yourself over and over and over again.

Now, the heroine is a woman with a difficult childhood or lack thereof. I understand that. This has made her more cautious and harder to feel more for someone. But there were moments (2 in specific) where I wanted to shoot her myself. She didn't believe Nikolai and consequently sent him to containment facility to be tortured and almost taken by Bloodlust and she thought he had to help her get Mira back because she helped him escape. Well, you put him there in the first place, woman. And the other time was when she decided not to believe in him after everything they've been through together and she single-handedly destroyed his operation and the chance to end Dragos right then and there.

On the positive side was the actual storyline. It was really good. Better than before. Much darker, intriguing, complicated and bewitching. The way things are going with Dragos, the Ancient and movements around the world, I'm sticking to the series just to see how it will play out.

Also, Andreas Reichen has been given more attention and I bet his story is coming soon. Charming, stylish but fierce vampire of the Berlin Darkhaven has been betrayed and everything he held dear was taken away from him. Now he's off the grid. And he swore vengeance. Enticing.