It just lacks surprises

Midnight Rising - Lara Adrian

I was right, this story had Zsadist written all over it. But nonetheless it was a good story or maybe I'm just a sucker for scarred, wounded, cold and detached males with a lot of emotional baggage.

Rio stayed in the cave near Prague for five months after all the other warriors left. His job was to seal the cave permanently. After that he said he will go to Spain for a while. Instead, he was losing his mind in the same cave they left him in, contemplating suicide. One day a beautiful young female appeared and lured him out of the shadows. This woman was a reporter and since she took a few photographs he had to follow her to erase the evidence of the cave and of himself. Since she already managed to sent those photos he brought her with him to the States so they can repair the damage. In the meantime, Gen Ones are being killed of one by one and no one seemed to notice it so far.

When Rio realized Dylan was a Breedmate, he informed her what that means and who he is. She didn't believe it at first but once in the States in their Compound everything started to make sense to her. It also explained her gift, seeing ghosts of breedmate females and hearing them speak. Even though she had a lot on her plate with this new discoveries and her ill mother, she finds herself drown to Rio, warrior with a scarred face, torso and thigh. She soon realized that those damages are nothing compared to his emotional state. Once she proved to him that she really cares despite his looks and that she is attracted to him, his healing could finally begin.

Add in the ghost of Rio's former mate Eva, megalomaniac called Dracos that's trying to create a new race with a whole lot of fresh Gen Ones and the abduction of Dylan and prepare yourself for a emotional roller coaster.

Even though the story is interesting and steamy, it reminds me of Zsadist from the Brotherhood too damn much. With his, don't touch my scars, I'm not good enough, there is no place for me, no woman could possibly want me etc. And I believe that it was too soon for Rio's story (only a year has passed since Eva and there are plenty of other single warriors to fall in love before him, again). The other thing that bothers me in Midnight Breed Series is the constant repetition. Over and over and over again in detail every single time when one warrior finds a Breedmate he explains to her in detail where they come from, who they are, what it means and every single time the same story. I really just started to skip those paragraphs. We don't need a few pages of history every single bloody time. And the last thing I would like to mention is the same storyline MO, warrior doesn't even contemplate the idea of a permanent mate but then he happens to find that special someone by accident and accidentally discovering she is a Breedmate, he is drown to her but doesn't want to act on it and then she gets kidnapped or she's in danger and all his walls come crumbling down and he races to help her and they lived happily ever after... (I wasn't surprised not even once in this series so far).