Naive naughty Sage

The Mating (Witch Magic) - Michele Bardsley

From the first to the last chapter we are enveloped with the sex magic ourselves. Hot, beautiful desire and growing love. It's a nice, short, light read, perfect to brighten your mood and maybe get you into one ;)


The third Thorne sister, Sage, is finally closing in on her 21st birthday. Just like her sisters, she wants to experience lust but no one has enticed her enough so far.

One day she finds herself caught in a storm while gathering some herbs in a Dark Forrest. To save the herbs and herself she decides to wait in a cave for a storm to pass. Sage finds a golden heart-shaped locket and out of curiosity opens it. Imagine her surprise when a beautiful naked man appears amidst the purple smoke. The man, Ravin, wants to grant her a wish, a very carnal wish. At first she is skeptical at his proposal because she doesn't think herself to be beautiful and able to pleasure him but as he releases his sex magic and keeps on insisting she falls under his spell. She gives Ravin her virginity. He is stunned when he discovers what she gave him and cherishes her even more because of that.

Their encounter is steamy and lustful. If not for his curse as a sex slave trapped in a locket for 500 years, it may even be called destined. But there is a trick. After 500 years of servitude, the first person to open the locket must be the one to replace him or he will be cursed forever. He started with that idea in his mind but now after her complete surrender and obvious affection, he doesn't know what to do.

I really liked Ravin, he seems like the man that cherishes and takes good care of what's his. Even though he was also betrayed and trapped under deception in a curse he opened his heart once more and did the right thing.