Loved the witty remarks

The Shining (Witch Magic) - Michele Bardsley

Ginger is the middle one of the three Thorne sisters and is now celebrating her 21st birthday. With the help of some champagne she offered her virginity to Nigel Brubre who accepted her offer in fear she might find someone else otherwise. Nigel has been in love with Ginger for a very long time and he couldn't risk losing her to someone else. Ginger wasn't aware of the identity of the man she spent her birthday night with until his parents asked for her help. They wanted her to bring him back home because they have arranged a marriage for him and she was the reason he left. Ginger never knew Nigel loved her but now all she wants is to protect him from his wealthy egocentric status-oriented parents. Despite their threats and very generous offers, Ginger stands her ground and prospers because of it.

I enjoyed this fast light reading. It also made me chuckle on couple of occasions. It is quite refreshing with its easy fluent conversations and witty remarks. Nigel comes as quite a surprise to a very lustful virgin. A golden boy that enjoys his studies has an equal interest in passion of Ginger.

I wonder how the third naive, innocent sister will celebrate her 21st birthday. So far we had an arranged marriage (full of love naturally) and a giving your innocence to a mystery man in the garden.