Good, but slightly disappointed

Midnight Awakening - Lara Adrian

Oh, Tegan, finally... I was waiting for his story since the first few pages of the first book. Even though I thought he was similar to Zsadist from the Brotherhood I soon realized I was wrong. I believe Rio is the one to take that role in the next book.

So, Tegan, the fierce, one-man unit, cold, emotionless, not-so-well-liked warrior starts caring for a female. What an absolute shock... As you may have assumed from the ending of the previous book, that woman is none other than Elise. A woman Chase has been in love with for years but couldn't act on it since she was his brother's widow. Tegan accidentally finds out that Elise has left the safety of a Darkhaven for a cheep apartment in a shady part of Boston so she could kill Minions during the day. She was doing well in that department but it's taken a toll on her. Since she was able to hear all the negative thoughts humans around her had it was difficult for her to concentrate and sleep. Tegan couldn't stop himself from helping her. That was the starting point and there was no going back.

I really hoped that it will be someone other than Elise. She just doesn't sit well with me. Not for Tegan that is. She is described as courageous and driven but I hoped that he will find a female a bit harder to get. It was so obvious from the start that she likes him. All the while the only thing we were waiting for was for Tegan to say yes, let's do it. I believe that in all of these books one thing is missing - possessiveness, and I mean don't-look-at-my-woman kind of possessiveness. It is slightly present but not enough. Also, I believe Chase didn't get enough attention in this book as he well deserved since he was Elise's only kin.

Storyline still consistent. Marek makes his moves and the Order tries to counter them. While investigating Marek the Order finds out a shocking revelation. One of the Ancients is still alive and gone missing...