Not original

A Touch of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #0.5) - Lara Adrian

A Touch of Midnight tells a story about a college student who witnessed a murder of her friend and roommate through her gift of seeing things when touching objects and a handsome vampire warrior who found himself drown to this female. He helps her when the murderer turns his eye on her. Whilst defending herself from this danger Savannah learns just how dark is the world she's been living in. And just how much of heart now belongs to Gideon, her dark hero...

I liked the story. But! I think it's way too similar to the works of J.R.Ward and Jeaniene Frost.
1. We have a group of selected warriors who fight for their kind and keep their secret hidden from humans just like we have in Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R.Ward
2. Savannah has the ability to see things when touching objects (who held them and what was done with them in the past). Very similar to Leila's ability in Night Prince Series by Jeaniene Frost
3.Vampire's eyes glow when they are excited and their fangs extend without their volition. Just like the Night Huntress and Night Prince Series by Jeaniene Frost
4.Vampires can mentally lock/unlock doors, windows etc. and can't come out during daylight. Just like in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R.Ward
5. When bonded, a mate transfers his/hers emotions to the other mate and they mate for life. Just like in Night Huntress and Night Prince Series by Jeaniene Frost

It's hard to say that this is a coincidence but I know that nowadays it is really difficult to come up with the original idea especially in this genre which is blooming for the past few years. I will give this Series a benefit of a doubt and continue with the reading. I think it deserves a credit.