Too rushed...

A Pirate's Bounty - Eliza Knight

Well let's see... we start with a lovely maiden Faryn aboard a pirate ship which is under Captain Wraith's supervision. She was snatched from a beach and is now being led to Queen Orelia to serve her as a slave. After a month's journey they arrive an a notorious island. Wraith seems to fancy the girl enough to buy her off from the Queen but she has a condition. He needs to take Faryn's virginity in front of the Queen and her entire entourage. But before he's allowed to do that he must sleep with Orelia herself on the bed next to Faryn. (and should I even mention Faryn is not really a virgin?). Finally, the ordeal is done, he cuts Faryn on her thigh so it will look like she's bleeding and they leave port as soon as possible. On the sea, Wraith and Faryn seem to bond and they make love practically non-stop. The reason behind Wrath's acceptance to buy Faryn off was so he could clear his name in France and once again claim his lands.

First of all, I must say that I was lost in the very beginning. They were sailing for a month, Faryn was naked amongst other slaves for that time and Wraith as the Captain only noticed her at the end of their journey? I mean, come on, he could have taken her in his cabin if he wanted to and not wait until they were on an island and she was already noticed by the Queen.
Secondly, he slept with Orelia right on the bed next to Faryn and no one seemed to have a problem with that? Right.
Thirdly, once they set sail and Faryn was in his cabin, they did almost nothing but make love practically non-stop. I mean, for a girl that only slept with a man once before Wraith came along she sure showed a large amount of stamina and absolutely no amount of soreness...
Fourthly, Wraith couldn't find woman's clothes on his ship when he bought Faryn but when they were disembarking he provided her with a dress. A bit confusing.
In conclusion, the actions were rushed, their lovemaking wasn't displayed realistically and there was no time in developing of storyline for my feelings to get involved.

I do praise the relationship between Faryn and her parents. It was realistic as the rest should have been. And I loved how her fiance met his end. Really fitting for such a worm. If this story would have been longer I believe the progress would be slower but better in quality.