Better than anticipated

Her Errant Earl - Scarlett Scott

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book. After reading the summary I wasn't really enthusiastic. I am happy to say I was mistaken.

Victoria found herself abandoned in the country by her husband, William Pembroke. He courted her, made her fall for him, wed her, consummated the marriage and left for London. Soon she realized he didn't want a wife, only the money that came with her. Now, five months later he appeared again claiming he wanted to start anew. Even though she was hurt and humiliated she allowed herself to hope again. Everything was progressing smoothly and she has never been happier until the Duke, Pembroke's father came to visit. He told her that he made him come to her because he demands an heir. Her heart shattered for the second time. Even though that was Williams prime motive, he really did love her but she didn't believe it anymore. She took her things and left for London to stay with her friend until she can return to New York. William would never allow her to leave though.

I really liked the story. I believe it to be too short for it had much more material to play with. If I would have any saying, I would have him work much harder for her attention and love in both cases. He got off way too easy. That's one of my main complaints. He lived with his mistress in a London townhouse and it was public knowledge. It can't just go away so easily. He should have repented more.
The second thing I wondered about was what was she doing for those long five months alone in the country. I know she attended the flowers and the garden and made a few changes in her staff but that was all. Without visits, other members of the household and away from the city she must have done more than just grew flowers.

Nonetheless, the idea and the heroine were great. She had a mind of her own and wasn't squirmish about making changes in her household. She also cared about her staff and was aware that she wasn't perfect as most heroines think they are. The husband needed more work (or public flogging if you ask me).