Too short for a large amount of information

The Reiver - Jackie Barbosa

Short, sweet tale set in the 1500's Scotland. It is based on real events, the feud between Maxwells and Johnstones. The main characters are a product of imagination.

The heroine, Jaime Johnstone is caught in stealing the cattle and mistaken for a boy brought to the Maxwell dungeon. When Duncan Maxwell discovers this mistake he is set on making her a hostage even though he doesn't know her identity. During her "imprisonment" they start to develop feelings for each other. Since the two families are enemies she is reluctant to tell him her name even after sharing his bed. Instead, she flees. Months later he catches her again but this time not in stealing rather in returning his prized horse. And he will never let go.

The problem in this tale is that it's trying to compress a large amount of information and feelings in a few pages which is impossible if you want to have an interesting short story. It should have shown us only one period of their infatuation rather than their whole history and a few months of seduction. And for an erotic novella, there is nothing erotic about it. When they decide to sleep together it is only described in three sentences. This should have been a full length novella. Then it would really do it justice.