Retrum. Cuando estuvimos muertos (Luna roja)

Cuando estuvimos muertos - Francesc Miralles Resentments: I believe that the beginning of the book starts too slow and many readers may give up before they reach the point from where the story starts taking shape. Author is trying too hard to achieve the look of a troubled goth teenager who is living between life and death and reads and listens to sad and depressing songs and stories in every possible moment. Graveyard fascinations are also pushed to the limits of believable.

On the plus side: Story is very interesting and quite different from the overflow of books involving troubled teenagers. I was quite surprised when the story took an unexpected turn and transformed from the troubled boy's monologue to the world to a crime involved suspected supernatural events. It was very sudden and exciting. From that point on I read the book in a matter of minutes (as it seemed to me). The characters are well described and unique. Combination of goth music and clothes with horror stories and poets is well preformed. I believe that the most positive thing in the story is the author's capability to keep the most important facts hidden from us without us even noticing it.

I would definitely recommend this book for everyone because it connects life and death in many occasions. It describes the loss of a loved one in a unique matter without sugarcoating it. Many positive things can be learned from it. Even if you won't like it as much as me, it will arise some important questions of life within you. Enjoy!