Lover At Last: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

Lover at Last - J.R. Ward Absolute 5.0 !!!
I believe none of the books from the series past and future could ever disappoint me. I am pleased just to enter this world, I grew to care for so much, again. This book however it is a bit different from the others since it involves a love story between Blay and Qhuinn. I must say though that it was just as beautiful and hot as all the others. Ward is indeed one of the best in her field of writing.


Although Blay and Qhuinn sometimes left me on the verge of me wanting to choke them for their rash and misplaced behavior, the book does have that elegant flow we so like in this series.
I must say that I never imagined Qhuinn as a pilot, like never ever. It really was sexy as hell, what he pulled off there. I would definitely like to see that garden afterwards :) Maybe they could make a lake out there now or something. And to see the look on the faces of doggen... hilarious.
I also enjoyed the little story of Assail and Marisol that has started to flare up and was very annoyed when in the midst of her kidnapping the book suddenly ends... I mean, one thing is when you long for someone who is not good for you like Layla and Xcor but a whole other when there is kidnapping involved and all the action is starting to roll. It is very mean of you, Ward, but very intriguing at the same time.
I honestly don't know how to survive a whole year until the next release...
Also, loved the scene with Zsadist and Bella when the plane "landed" since he is still my favorite character and it only reminded me of their story and Nalla whom I care so much for.