Shadow Heir (Dark Swan)

Shadow Heir - Richelle Mead 2.5 because the story did draw me in until the last few chapters...

Honestly, I feel disappointed and agitated...
Never have I thought the last book would have that kind of annoying ending. I almost regret reading the series altogether.


From all the stupid and incomprehensible things Eugene has done throughout the series I must say that the stupidest and SO BLOODY ANNOYING is the one in the end when she decides to keep from Dorian that he is the father of her children. HOW THE HELL can someone be so idiotic and argh... I can't even control myself now. I would give her a good beating and a few lessons of life.
She makes mistake after mistake and the reasons for it are just the stupidest things ever. It was really hard to see how she jumps to Kiyo every single time when Dorian is the one that has helped her from day one. It's like everything she does is set to hurt Dorian and then she frowns when he does something she does not like. I can't even believe that he would want her after everything she's done to him. He proves his loyalty time and time again and still she sleeps with that wretched kitsune every time she gets a chance to.
And I honestly can't believe that she would still speak to Kiyo and try to help him after he tried to kill her and her babies. How sick is that??? I think Mead must have been in a very bad state of mind when she came up with that.
The only good thing about it is Dorian, glorious Dorian. Good strong character that plays the role perfectly.
And I mean, come on... how the hell can her children be safer in the human world practically unprotected than in the gentry world where they would have everything including the love of their true parents and armies to protect them??? How could someone even think of that? And does Eugene honestly think that the Willow queen would never ever traced her when she'll be off visiting kids in all those years to come??? I'm just upset that the ending is so disappointing that I really regret even reading the books in the first place...