Possession: A Novel of the Fallen Angels

Possession - J.R. Ward *Contains spoilers*

First of all, this book deviates from the previous in the series. There is still a story about a soul that must be saved or damned but it is not the focal point this time. Story actually revolves around Jim and Sissy as well as the other angels and Devina. It is an interesting turn because so far we had to collect bits and pieces to put together a past life or a habit or a memory from angels and Devina. Here, we have it all handed out on a silver plate.
Secondly, the book is interesting but sometimes very annoying. All those times that Sissy Barten is in question. For most of the time I wanted to choke the living hell out of her. She is such an annoying, stubborn, ungrateful brat that I still wonder why would Jim risk everything for her. Maybe she'll get better but here she really pissed me off. She knows the fate of the world and all the people and all the souls is in question but she still dwells upon her death and puts herself first. I know she is nineteen but spending so much time in Hell should have made her grow up a bit.
Thirdly, Devina! Damn, she is an awesome character. And in this book she really shines. A lot of things sit in place after reading this. Her behavior, habits, desires... I can really say that I didn't quite see that coming. Her genuinely falling in love with Jim. I always thought he would be just a prize to her but no, she really wants him, whatever it takes. I kinda like that about her. She tries to make things happen unlike Sissy who is just wasting her time crying in a corner. The fact that Devina is a demon is a setback but hey, nobody's perfect, right?
In conclusion, I feel like this is kind of a transition book. A lot of things happened but most of them will only be clear in the sequel. And the most important question of Nigel's demise will be the first thing to get an explanation and an aftershock, so to speak.