The Fiery Heart: A Bloodlines Novel

The Fiery Heart - Richelle Mead ***3.5***

Life goes on,
Sydney is struggling with her alchemist job and her little sister who made her life ten times more difficult when she moved in and was assigned to the same job as Sydney. Also, being a witch didn't make her life easier. Adrian is another story. She is keeping their relationship secret but is afraid that someone will eventually notice. Everything she does is about Adrian, it makes her life very complicated but also it makes her stronger, more resistant and more in love. He makes her a better person and vice versa. Things get worse when Sydney and Zoe find out about the divorce of their parents. Each of them takes side of one parent and animosity grows.

So, this book makes Sydney and Adrian the center of the story. They are maturing and developing their personality with the growing of their love. They are forming themselves as better people, as responsible adults. Their love is blooming, they put their work and school in a proper place. They finally make love and it makes them more connected and more in love than ever before.

And then it happens, what we expected throughout the story. A terrifying ending where everything is put to the test. I will not reveal the details but let me tell you that I can't wait for the next book. I had to start reading something else immediately after this book because I couldn't believe I will be left in the dark for another year.

In conclusion, it is a very interesting young adult fiction book. Vampires, dhampirs, human - alchemists, warriors of light... mixed with love, excitement and friendships. Going against everything you were made believe in as a child and against your own flesh and blood. Easy to read, keeps you glued to the book, makes you cheer for characters... all that makes a book good and enjoyable :)