Twice Tempted: A Night Prince Novel

Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost ***3.5***

This is the second book in the Night Prince series and it continues the story of Vlad Tepesh and Leila.
Vlad and Leila are together but they have a lot of problems. One being the fact that Vlad can't admit he loves Leila and wants her for more than just a lover. She can't accept that so she leaves him and returns to America. Even though she left Vlad, trouble keeps following her. Attacks on her life continue and Maximus is there to help her (but he also wants her for himself). When Vlad hears that Leila has been killed in a bomb attack, he immediately flies to America. There he hears her in his mind and he knows for certain she is still alive. He is determined on finding and collecting what is his. Soon enough he finds her and they return to his home. Their relationship takes a step forward. Maximus was lucky in a way that he was banished from Vlad's home and wasn't tortured for centuries only because Leila chose his release from a dungeon as her wedding present.
Vlad and Leila get married and they continue to improve their relationship and break down all the walls surrounding them. Soon enough they notice that they have a traitor in their midst. As they struggle to identify the attackers and the traitor another attack takes place and this one takes Leila's life. Good thing Vlad was close so he gave her immortality. Everything starts to unravel...

This book didn't held my interest as the rest of them. It's hard to say why. Plot was good, tension between Leila and Vlad as well but it felt like there was something missing or better yet, like it was all too obvious and you knew straight away what awaited you on the next page. There was no mystery. And it lacked good humor which we could find with Cat and Bones. All in all, it is a good sequel but definitely not the best so far.