Pride and Pleasure

Pride and Pleasure - Sylvia Day First of all, I love Sylvia Day's books, I really do. Specially the historical ones. But for the love of god almighty, what the hell is this??? It is the worst book of this genre I've read so far. Let me give you a few examples... he took her virginity with his fingers and after that he took her from behind... he got aroused just from the sight of her virginal blood on his fingers... he fell in love with her in the first chapter... she made it through six seasons without even a slightest sympathy towards a man but it took her less than a few days to share his bed... a few days after she slept with him for the first time she gave him a blowjob with such an impressive skill that even shamed me, she took his full length into her throat and swallowed every last drop... Need I remind you that this is the year 1818, London and we're dealing with a wealthy heiress that is a virgin???
Secondly, the storyline is for simpleminded people. She had a few accidents and she wants to hire a thief-taker to court her so he can find a culprit??? Really??? Because he couldn't do that by simply being employed by her in another way. And he doesn't do anything to find the actual culprit through almost the whole freaking book. All they do is talk and speculate. After the first three chapters I knew who it was. And there is no bond between them. It was so forced that I almost threw up.
In conclusion, I wish I could forget this book as soon as possible. It made me sick and I regret the time wasted on reading it. If I actually paid for this book I could never forgive myself.