Pride & Passion (Brethren Guardians)

Pride & Passion - Charlotte Featherstone This is the second book in The Brethren Guardians Trilogy and the story continues as if the first book never finished. Only the lead characters are different. Instead of Isabella and Black we have Lucy and Sussex at the center of the story.

1. The mystery and the cold behavior of the Duke of Sussex is absolutely charming. His gray gaze is so perfectly described that I felt it upon me and shivered from joy.
2. The guardian business. Secrets, mystery and duty. It pulls you into the story completely. Even if you don't like the main characters you might stick around just to see how the mystery will unravel.
3. Cat and mouse play. Lucy and Sussex chase each throughout the story and only towards the end they finally do it at the same time.
4. I'm looking forward to Alynwick and Elizabeth story since the first book and this one only amplified that feeling.

1. Lucy's stubbornness. You really want to jump in and give her a good spanking sometimes. In some moments she acts like a spoiled child and it's hard to see how Sussex can be so enthralled with her.
2. I didn't like the fact that Sussex was actually Gabriel, Lucy's childhood friend because it reminded me too much of Black's story. Black saved Isabella when she tried to kill herself and only revealed that to her when she fell for him. Sussex revealed to Lucy that he was Gabriel when he was sure that Lucy was his. It was too similar and I didn't like repetitiveness.

In conclusion, I liked this book but not as much as the first one. Seduction & Scandal was a bit more captivating and uncertain. Here, you just know from the beginning how things will play out between Sussex and Lucy. Nonetheless, I recommend it to all historical erotic romance lovers!