Temptation & Twilight (Brethren Guardians)

Temptation  & Twilight - Charlotte Featherstone Finally, the mystery unravels....
Third book in the The Brethren Guardians Trilogy and by far the best (to me). The story continues but this time from the aspect of Elizabeth and Iaian Sinclair.

1. Iaian Sinclair. Who could possibly resist a Scottish Laird and a marquis with such nasty words, short temper and completely sweep-me-of-my-feet behavior?!
2. The intensity and intrigue of the story on Templars and relics. It's really heating up.
3. Elizabeth. Not your everyday heroine. Her intelligence must substitute for her lack of vision. Since she was born into the Sussex family she also bears the burden of templar heritage and tries to help every way she possibly can.
4. Jealousy. It is described in such a magnificent detail that I could feel every flicker of emotion.
5. Sheldon is a good addition. I loved how he made Iain feel. For all those woman that went through his bed he deserved to stew a little. Elizabeth should have used this more to show him what he left behind.

1. The ending (in a meaning of solving the puzzle of Orpheus) was too short, kind of hasty. I thought we will be in much more anticipation and suspension but everything ended quite quickly and no greater harm was done. All that plotting and deceit and in the end Orpheus fell so easily and in no spectacular manner. There was something missing there. Something that would bring tears to our eyes. Than it would have been a magnificent book with five stars to show.

In conclusion, I absolutely recommend this trilogy to all HER lovers. It brings perspective to your life and holds you connected to the characters that continue to live in your imagination.