Once Burned (Night Prince, Book 1)

Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost Finally, Vlad. Enough said :D

First of all, I really like how Jeaniene expands the world of immortals in her stories to fit in new characters and to make new series. Also, good job on connecting the series together. Night Prince is a perfect name for this one because that's exactly how we all imagine Vlad, or Dracul.
Secondly, the beginning was very strange and I wasn't really sure that I got the right book. I didn't expect Leila to be the main character and when the story started with her practicing in the circus well... you can see my confusion. Leila is a mortal with unusual powers which could kill her if she doesn't have a steady income of vampire blood in her system. Vlad helped her and gradually offered his blood and bed to her. She was skeptic at first but couldn't resist for long (I mean, who could). All of this took place amidst an attempt of an attack on Vlad in which Leila was involved as a tool to locate Vlad thanks to her power and later her relationship with him. There's also a third man who desires Leila, Maximus, friend and confidant of Vlad. That creates a gap in their friendship and is a good start of the second book in the series.
In conclusion, I liked it. The gothic atmosphere, Vlad as a real vampire rather than a pretty boy poser of some sorts, love triangle isn't new when it comes to Jeaniene but it does inspire more passion and finally Leila, a slim, normal woman with breasts size B and a scar on her face. Imperfections that makes a person interesting and beautiful.