Passion - Lisa Valdez An absolute thrill to read! Everything that I look for in HER this book contains. Hopelessly in love with this one I am.

Since the first page you get hooked and pulled in a world of unbelievable passion, lust, love and longing. Passion as in the name of the heroine and as a title of the book in one single word describes this story. Pure unadulterated passion!

Perhaps I should have waited with writing my review until my heart returns to its normal speed but where would be the fun in that?
Passion and Mark are a perfect couple. On the outside they are as different as it gets. She is proper and calm while he is stubborn, titled and lustful. Once they shed their masks and their clothes they are the same. Passionate, energetic, full of understanding, love and desire. She helped him realize just how much he was lonely and wanted to be loved for him, for the man he has become. In return, Mark has brought Passion back to life, tore her from that silent, calm, meaningless existence she called life. Together they found their path, their purpose in life.

I was glued to the book until I reached the final page. I forgot how to breathe. Everything seemed to be going the wrong way near the end and I was falling in despair and pleaded "oh, please, don't let this be one of those books where I need to cry at the end". I'm astonished how the author kept this uncertainty for so long. This book is not for those weak of heart, I must say. And the ending is beautiful. Everything you wanted and dreamed about coming to life. Pure joy coursed through me when he finally reached her. Not that my heart didn't skip a bit a few pages before when Mark said he loved her. It was such a momentous happening because of the person that he was and how much that meant. And the tears following that statement. *sigh*

I recommend this book to all book lovers regardless of your favorite genre. This is the book that just might sway you to our side and a new world will open its doors to you. Don't be afraid. Come in and enjoy!